Monday, 25th September '06


Busy weekend, but a lot of fun. Finally managed to get some work out of the way, and clean up my IP and Evidence notes by Friday evening, before taking Lukas and Kati out to dinner at Newton. Kai ordered half the hawker centre (from satay to orh luak), and we endeavoured to freak the Germans out with sting ray and "hum". Turns out Lukas loved the sting ray and "hum", so no go there.

It was really good to meet them, especially after hearing about her quite a bit, and not seeing him for ages. It's surreal having people from your other life back suddenly mixing in with your crowd of friends. Same thing when Zen came. But I love that both my local and foreign friends are talkative social sorts. Just I broke out the Limin on Mike when he came and now Lukas and Kati and she'll do the whole hospitality shindig on them. We would've brought them to Wala's but the queue wasn't moving and Kati got sick, so we had to give EIC a miss.

Saturday morning I woke up a bit late but managed to meet Vincent for "Miami Vice" just in the nick of time. Another guy I haven't properly met in ages! The movie was a bit of a bum job though... good cast but lack lustre performance by them, clichéd directing and scripting and everything else. I am also very indignant that I got carded at an NC-16 movie. What the heck, do I look younger than 16 years old to you?! I made sure I showed the woman my DRIVER'S LICENCE, not even my I/C.

*blows a loud raspberry*

Wah, and I'm sorry lah. What was supposed to be a steamy romance between Colin Farrel and Gong Li fell completely flat. I'm sorry man, where there's no heat, there's no heat. It was just awkward and for that reason alone I'm glad they spared the under-16 kids the trauma. I mean, they do more tasteful sex scenes on Entourage (which incidentally has got me hooked, gratuitous nudity and bad language notwithstanding)!

Everyone should go and watch "the Banquet" for tastefully done stuff of that genre, though. I loved the script for "the Banquet" and my Chinese isn't even that great. It was so full of quotable quotes and subtext. My favourite two lines were “心悦君兮君不知“ and “皇上可不可以放过太子的命 / 皇后可不可以放过皇上的手" - lines that are just so short and simple but carry paragraphs of other implications behind them.

Anyhow, after "Miami Vice" Limin and I took the Germans for a Chinatown tour, and then to the Raffles Hotel for grossly overpriced Slings. And during the course of the day we finally freaked Lukas out with the idea of eating fish eyes. Upon which he said I should probably change my blog address to - I'll consider.

Sunday. I figured I'd better rest the injury properly no so tech class for me today. Was also time for a good family day - hadn't had a day without Zaki / vetting in 2 months! Singapore Idol finals also ran in the night, and I'm convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Hady deserves to be the Singapore Idol. I could see no objective way Jon did better. Hady kicked ass with every single one of his songs. He picked smart, challenging choices that allowed him to come across with energy and class. Jon did well too, but he's severely limited by his vocal range and lack of understanding of musical genres other than rock. The problem is that that's all my own opinion, which we all know is a little too sophisticated for the average Singaporean music listener. So Limin's right that at the end of the day Jon's far more marketable (for racial demographic reasons, local musical sophistication reasons etc) so he's almost certainly going to win the votes. But I just had to state for the record that Hady clearly knew music and how to work the stage so much better - he's just done in by factors he can't control, like the fact that the Malay market is much smaller, that no Singaporean could understand how hard it is to pull off Chaka Khan convincingly, and that screaming little girls just don't go for understated nice guys like him.

Ah well. Back to working on my Conflicts notes.

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the fact that hady appeals to you so well must mean that he wont appeal to the general singapore market.. dont u think?haha smile
i want to watch entourage. where do u download it from? i think it's time i put limewire back into masha. crazy

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