Monday, 25th September '06

The Results Show

Alright, more Singapore Idol blogging in (kind of) real time. I have to say that Mediacorp is doing pretty well about creating a fun concert party, and the finalists are singing quite happily. Anyways, here are my reactions:

- Ooh, it's started. Ooh, Hiang Ko has made banana muffins. Ooh, banana muffins good! Ooh, recap of last night's show; looks like both boys did ok. I still stand by the fact that Hady totally kicked the Wings song, and now I cannot imagine anyone else doing it. Jon might win but Hady deserves to sing that song as his first single.

- Taufik's back! Man, he's singing that silly "I Dream" song from last year's final. Taufik is too cool for that song, but he's still doing pretty well with it. Such a shame he has faded into relative oblivion.

- The other idol finalists join him. Paul Twohill is wearing something incomprehensible. Everyone is in white, it looks like a small host of funky, jiving angels on stage.

- Everyone disappears and there's a costume change. The other finalists (sans Hady and Jon) come out to sing exerpts of songs. Norman sings "Angel" by Sarah McLaughlin, and it's nice but otherwise unremarkable. I decide to stop giving the idols grief. It's supposed to all be in fun now.

- Gayle sings Rihanna's "Unfaithful". Flashes of Roz and Bryan's steps run through my mind. I shudder and try to get out of post-production syndrome. It's so funny, but the song is such a great song. Great lyrics, good tune - but NO ONE has done the song justice. Not Rihanna and certainly not Gayle, though both made very credible efforts. I'm waiting for someone to remake the song and do it justice. Maybe Sandi Thom, I don't know.

- Jay comes out singing something. I like him.

- Paul Twohill has pleasantly surprising stage presence. I couldn't hear a word of what he was hollering into the mic, but he looked like he was having a good time and I really enjoyed his performance anyway.

- Emily sings some song (I can't remember exactly what). A posse of four energetic bouncing dancers come onstage. They're dressed in police suits, much in the fashion of the Village People or male strippers. I am vaguely amused, until I see that 3 of the dancers are NAZRI, GLEN AND SHAUN! Hurhurhur. I immediately switch off from watching the idols and watch the dancers. Glen and Shaun are wearing such megawatt grins I can't help laughing. It's cute, but it's also a bit unnerving. Haha, I'd adopt Glen as my little brother anyday, he's quite adorable to watch onstage when acting happy. Mum comments that the dancers look "elderly" - I'm like, Ma, Glen's younger than I am. Shaun's not that much older. Ok, Nazri is beyond my time.

- Nurul sings something, but I'm no longer listening to the singing anymore. 4 female dancers pop onstage at a similar jackrabbit-on-speed energy level. I think I spot Andrea, maybe Sab. The cameras don't give the girls as much screen time as the boys, so it's hard to tell. What is not hard to tell is that Zaki has happily recycled Sexyback dance steps for Singapore Idol. Who cares, no one but Ensemble people can tell the difference anyway.

- Mathilda sings something and the four excited policemen come on again. Watching those boys makes my day lah. But nothing could distract from the impossibly tight dress she's wearing - for goodness sakes, you could see her wobbling belly even in the pan out camera angles. I like her singing a lot, I hate the person who dresses her. My whole extended family, aunties and all, are horrified by said wobbling belly.

- Jasmine comes on and I'm quite touched by the improvement she's made.

- Throughout the show, Gurmit keeps asking Jon and Hady how they feel, what's going through their minds. Jon gives textbook answers about thanking the fans. Hady does similar, but with slightly less contrived language. I'm getting mightily annoyed with Gurmit. It's the same show, how many times do you want them to answer the same question?

- Electrico sings some of their nonsense pop/rock excuses for music. Jon and Hady come into the fray and despite their valient efforts, the whole thing remains a bit bland.

- Tanya Chua comes on to sing "Wake Me Up When September Ends" with Jon and Hady. Jon sounds pretty good here, Hady sounds not bad either. The way Tanya Chua sings the song, Billy Joe Armstrong should come and smack a guitar over her head. Such sacrilege to a nice song. Overall it's ok, but if they had left Tanya alone... *shakes head*.

- Energy comes on to sing some hopelessly bad Chinese boyband thing. From left to right I mercilessly rename them: "Boring Dude in Polka Dots", "Red Shirt Ugly Mole Man" and "The Other One". Their vocals make Joaquim Gomez sound like Josh Groban. They procede to have Jon and Hady sing "Stand By Me" with them, I start to sense a pattern: invite cannot-make-it celebs to sing stuff and introduce Jon and Hady in midway so that the two boys with real skills can try to save the show. Really, all the guest acts (except Taufik) would have been horribly uninteresting if not for Hady and Jon. However, not even our two prize boys could save Energy from doom.

- Hello Taufik again! Some boring song written by Ken Lim. I give up and start blogging. It's really a waste of Taufik's talent to be singing mediocre fluff like that.

- Time for results. Gurmit teases us for a pleasantly short duration, but not before asking the poor boys what's going through their minds. Same thanking fans crap is uttered by both, though I appreciate that they sincerely feel that way. I just wished they'd really tell us what's going through their minds.


Finally, justice is served. I am satisfied. Can't wait for the Wings single to be released.

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but honestly dont u think the wings single is damn cheesy? the lyrics are senseless lah! i could write something like that ! angry, grr cant they have something more soulful? oh well. whatever.good breakdown of the results show i enjoyed it more than the final showdown big grin


you're right, it is. but all the idol franchise first singles are commercial pieces of crap. it's what you make of it lah.

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