Monday, 2nd October '06

Fergie, Etc.

Taking a break from the long "Eye Pee" assignment. Why I have taken to making bad puns about it I don't know. Dad's watching the Man U vs. New Castle game and ever since the second goal was scored I lost interest. So I might as well blog what went down:

- I eat XO fish beehoon and start the game about 20 minutes late. The moment I turn on the TV, C. Ronaldo is doing one of his predictable boo-hoo-hoo, whine to the referee that someone stepped on his toes, dance. I barely care that he otherwise played pretty well.

- Dad still calls Scholes "SCHO-LEESE". It's still funny, and he does it in jest, but I have to watch that I don't actually repeat this to one of the law school boys and get made fun of for life.

- I have to stop laughing at how unfortunate a name "Nicky Butt" is.

- Camera pans 'round to Alex Ferguson.
Dad: Oh, look, there's Fergie.
Me: Fergie?!
Dad: Fergie.
Me: Really.
Dad: Umm hmm.
Me: Your friend ah?
Dad: We go way back...
It is disturbing to hear your father call an old British man by a name otherwise attributable to a over-blinged hip-pop singer. I say a silent prayer that Alex "Fergie" is not having a problem with his London Bridge falling down.

- Looks like Ronaldo is having a bad day, striking uprights right and left.

- Dad is getting worked up with Man U's slew of missed goals. They're up by two anyway, but he still goes...
Dad: Kick Scho-leese! You have to KICK THE BALL!
Me: [wonders what else people do in football if they don't kick the ball] You don't say.

- And then when things still don't go his way...
Dad: Rio Ferdinand, useless! That what'shisname? Carrige? No good also. And that Evra... so lousy! Give me play, I can play better than him!
Me: *would have risen the proverbial eyebrow if had sufficient control over motor functions* Are you sure...
Dad: Yah! You never see me play in the kampung! When I was your age, I could play football ok! But we were so poor we didn't even have a football then... we played with a little plastic balloon ball, kick too hard can burst kind. [etc. etc. All kids know how the story goes]
I am a little bit disappointed I never had the chance to play soccer with a little "can-burst balloon ball". What am I to guilt trip my children with when I grow up? "Eh kids, when Mummy was your age, Pluto was still a planet!" - cannot make it, right?

Ah well, enough for today.

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hahha i'm sure enz u will come up with some stories to guilt trip ur children with.. THEN they will come and complain to me and i will laugh with them smile
ur dad is funny big grin still so cartoon. hehe

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