Monday, 9th October '06

Conflicts Notes, 9th October 2006

Let it not be said that En Ying is too much of a mugger toad to fall asleep in class / daydream / be useless etc. Monday afternoon classes are too much. I really like the subject but I just cant' comprehend it on a sleepy Monday afternoon. I can't.

But here's an exerpt from my notes from today's class. Jo messaged to ask me to send her notes. I'm not sure how much good stuff like this is to anyone. In fact, I didn't even realise how jialat they were until I got home and opened the file:


Red Sea
- HK insurance coy contarcted to provide coverage for the builder against defective lose (what he has to compensate for shoddy workman ship and harm caused thereof).
- No connecting bwett the transaction, parties, hk. The subcontractor suppilied defective parts,a and buildier cllainm isurance.
- Even though insurenerís hadní paid, brought a sub action for the sub cont neglignec. If he had paid under the policy to the builider, coy right of subrogation, can calim agasnt eh sub cont. this had not arisen because under the law of hk there was no direct action against the sub cont.
- The law of KSA, the action could be maintainted.
- Under double actionability, no maintentanc of action.
- PC: since all the conncetions between transaction and parties were with KSA, the law of KSA must be taken as the governing law of all the tortious issues unde rhte claim.
- Impt qualification, the double rule is endorsed, the flexible acception is endorsed.

Cts in singpaore have adopted the propositions by PC in
- Khano
- But other common wealth ahori
- Deciusion may not be the most s
- If not bound by ca, preferred Canadian authorities

Common welt
Abandomemntn of doub acti. Not suitable to adequately reflect technology, xenophobic fewar of otherís laws.
As the forum, must also see that the tort by our law.

SCC had judicially abrogated the DA rule. Simple lld rule subject to flex exception. For all torts.

HCA, simple lld, no flex ex. For all torts.

England: Lld with flex, but DA rule for defamation. → defamation, freedo m of speech. Necesara to determine in accordancw ith English ideas of Fos. Nee the law of engliand to do that. Forieng law would deny his enlish protection of his righst. s

Singapore is now out of sync, bcause the da rule continues to apply.
- which of the 3 approaches is best for Singapore.

What about the American methodology


It's not about jargon, it's about spelling mistakes. Each is equivalent to a time I dozed off.

My best part is where I start to take notes about the law of the "COMMON WELT". Ahahaha.

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you were definitely dozing off there.. i am different from u..when i am dozing off i start typing the imageries in my head onto my notes.. like i remember sleeping during history in JC and saying how the British Emergency was cute ... blush


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