Thursday, 26th October '06

Do the Rudebox, Shake Your Rudebox

I was wrong.

Otto Kahn-Freund was wrong.

Martin Wolff has an idea but has no authority.

F.A. Mann really isn't as helpful as he seems.

Adrian Briggs is alright.

David G. Pierce is DA MAN. He has helped me the most so far. Primarily because he explains why Otto up there sounds a bit confused - and I thought it was just me.

Lim Mei seems to be talking cock. I don't understand a thing she says. But then again, I'm not the 1990 Singapore Law Review Essay Competition runner-up.

The Iran Vojdan feels so nice sliding off your tongue.

Ditto that for the word "Sonatrach".

The Marianinna cannot be pronounced without making one think of a certain seafood pasta.

Kredietbank NV v. Sinotani Pacific Pte Ltd (Agricultural Bank of China, third party) just sounds ugly. Plus it takes up too much word space.

And at the end of all that, I'm just hooked on Robbie Williams' Rudebox. He looks like an idiot and the Vanilla Ice hand moves don't suit him, but oh, it sounds so good. Plus, those pressure sensitive green lights cater to the happy disco kid in me.

What the heck is a rudebox anyways?

Why you so nasty?

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