Friday, 27th October '06

John's Blog

Accessible here, is John Mayer's blog. Yeah, really. The dude's real writings, not the doctored glossy paged publicity kind, but the true human being kind.

Maybe not such a good idea to link him actually, because he seems to cater for the same "inane ramblings" market that my own humble funnyfishcakes has found its niche in. Phooey. My own readers might leave and never come back, simply because the guy writes his random ramblings with far greater aplomb and he has blogs about big events like concerts and award shows and periodically posts his personal photos with other celebrities.

I on the other hand, have precious few celebrity-and-me photos.

But seriously, reading this blog was for me, pretty addictive. As an insight to a musician's private life, I suddenly understrand how I found a kindred spirit in his music. It's must be easy to identify with someone who's blogging style consists of the same mix of life musings / silly oddball entries / event photoblogs etc. that yours does.

Enough of my ramblings, here are some of John's finest:

1. The Doodlebops
Yeah, I'd have my kids watch them too.

2. Nike Plus VS A Guy On Stage
Muahaha. A fun experiment, eh? I'd do a lot more with that equipment if I could afford it.

3. Gotta Get This Off My Chest.
Gotta love a guy with a sense of humour.

Seriously? Now I know why I'm becoming and IP lawyer.

5. "Us", As Told By Us
Great little musing on loneliness. The kind of poignant, insightful stream of conciousness writing that made me sit up and notice his lyrics in the first place. I like the metaphor of the self-taken photo, makes me think of the time I wandered the Sydney Olympic Park by myself and wished I had someone to take the pictures for me.

6. Five Hours.
I am comforted that I'm not the only one caught up in the manic-obsession of the Idol franchise.

7. Dear Robles Merideth
As spoken by one who's received way too much spam. I feel you, my brother. Yes, I've done my own share of the anti-spam bitchin'.

8. Dear Girl Taking Reservations Over The Phone
Ahahah. This has gotta be a top pick. The dry, sarcastic, resigned, semi-dulan wit encapsulated in this smiley: plain. The celebrity who is... not. "I'm a big shit and I want some fish!"

9. Dear A Pear
Yes, pears are my favourite fruits. And he wrote a testimonial for one of them. "You are the Springsteen of fruits." - who can resist the musical references?

Something a whole lot more sombre. This is a one I could connect with, the realisation that unhappiness and angst make a great artist, your own desire to be like that great artist conflicting with your gratitude that you actually are a happy person... and then the quite clueless lack of feel that accompanies the suicide of someone you know, yet didn't quite know well enough.

11. Dear Cherry Tomatoes
Another entry that's so random it's friggin' adorable. Remember folks, if you know a decent guy who can write silly things like this at a drop of a hat (and who's not Hanting because Hanting's taken, I know, haha), I'm single and ready to mingle. (Gawd I hate that rhyme.)

12. Size
It's hilarious... he's so sarcastic he should write reviews for the BBC. Indeed, this is much in the vein of the Beijing's Penis Emporium article Qiong sent me a while back.

13. Just Got TRY!
It's too cute. He ordered his own CD online. And you know a real musician when he is so absolutely delighted that his CD is not listen-protected. You da man, John, that's what it's all about.

14. Day One
Inaugural entry, I suppose.

This is the last linked entry; that's quite enough fangirl-ing for a day.

Night all. Going to save enery for the midnight feast (oh, yes, like in the Enid "Dirty Chocolate Cock Minded Woman" Blyton books). Only thing is we have potlucked 5 bottles of wine to share between 7 Smubs, one of whom doesn't drink at all and at least 2 of whom will be driving. As the Dajie I have a right to be slightly worried.

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3 photographs developed.


hahaha whatever. u are such a geek and a potential stalker ..but i have to give it to is pretty hilarious!


hey stalker-dajie! i miss usad sad


you won't believe how stalker. smile miss you too!

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