Thursday, 9th November '06

Hari Raya and the Prestige

Short one because I'm still feeling woozy and my sinuses feel like they've linked to my ear drums. Gahh..

The Hari Raya visiting was great... first time doing it so I felt a bit of an idiot. It's strange don't you think... 22 years in this country and I have never really had a proper Malay friend. I mean, one close enough to go visit for Raya. YAY SITI! Something to think about. I am now in love with Malay laksa, which was the main thing I kept chowing down as four girls around the table discussed everything from ayam panyet to how gays give better blow jobs than normal girls.

And then the Prestige last night... good movie. I liked the way they did the turn-of-the-century period drama part. Usually movies of that period feel drab and monotonous, but this was nicely done. Yes, Ave, Hugh Jackman is a pleasure to watch. No big reviews today because I don't have the energy or inspiration, but I did find an amusing picture / caption on the web:

Now, back to hearsay.

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