Sunday, 19th November '06

YouTube Stats

I've never really thought about tracking how many people watch which of my youtube videos. But I've lately noticed some trends. They're not exactly thought-proking, but they can be surprising. Here are my most popular videos, as ranked only by the number of hits they've gotten on youtube.

Seriously, for some of these you'd wonder who in their right minds would click on these links. I'm talking about the perfect strangers, the people who are not otherwise affiliated with these videos, of course.

1. Jamie Cullum performing Kanye West's Golddigger
-- 3679 hits, average video rating 4/5, 7 comments from total strangers.
I don't think this is surprising; he is a celebrity after all. And it is a very entertaining piece of work. Credit to Gerri, though. The Jamie Cullum vids are all her.

2. Hockey Fight 1
-- 1345 hits.
Again, not too strange. This was a amateur league game, and a very popular sport. Halifax Mooseheads v. St John's Fog Devils, not too obscure. And it was a good fight. Haha. Not my vid though. Someone got it from someone, I forget the details. But from now on you can expect things to get a little weirder.

3. Teething Dinos
-- 1166 hits, average video rating 2/5, 1 comment from a total stranger.
A rather inane home video of Qiong, Vic, Ningz, Tzo and I fooling around with toy dinosaurs in the gift shop of the American Museum of Natural History during the Christmas 2005 trip to New York. It beats me why anyone but us would watch this at all. And I'm scared of myself in this one.

4. Hockey Fight 2
-- 891 hits.
Like I said, this getting a lot of hits is not a big deal. This vid is mine though; you can hear Tina yelling enthusiastically.

5. Under the Boardwalk
-- 653 hits, average video rating 5/5.
I may have caused the disproportionate interest in this video by placing inappropriate meta tags. But not too shocking. Nice a capella in the New York Sub.

6. Little Drummer Boy
-- 587 hits.
Now THIS is a shocker. One would not have expected Chris and Andre's unfortunate carolling incident at Kenneth's party (also New York, Christmas 2005) to attract this much attention.

7. Mitsubishi & Kwasha
-- 248 hits.
I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone who wasn't forced to watch these clowns for 2 hours (as she queued up for a completely not worth it skate at the Rockefellar Center) would want to watch this.

8. Karaoke at Domus
-- 79 hits.
Now, who would not want to watch Derek, drunk as a skunk, proclaiming to the whole Pogue Fado (resident pub of the domus legis, aka "house of law", aka Dalhousie Law School drinking society) that he is "an asshole". The guy's actually pretty nice, but it WAS halloween. And as is anything else in Halifax, as good a reason as any to get smashed.

9. Chelsea Movie Making
-- 64 hits.
Potentially people looking for the English football club and/or gay porn (Chelsea being a New Yorkian gay district). Must have been disappointed to find only Pooch and Penguin and a vodkaed-up Qiong instead.

10. Tuan Yuan Fan
-- 58 hits.
Probably accessed by people who want a quick lesson by Vicki on the steamboat food we had prepped for the tuan yuan fan (Chinese New Year, Halifax 2006).

And now it is time for bed.

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oh my, en! i finally heard the "woldka" voldka thingy u guys were going on about... it's amazingly clear... haha. and though our dear qiong has slurred speech, her cognitive functons are still intact mans... though she was sorta holding a one-sided conversation... hah big grin


u know i always thought who the heck goes on utube to post these strange videos of themselves... little did i know someone closer to home is JUST one of those insane people..*shakes head*


WHAT cognitive functions, man. that she was still concious? haha

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