Monday, 20th November '06


Just for the record - and it's going to be a lousy sort of record because I can't be too explicit.

Limin and I have a bet going. The wager is one decent dinner. Limin's bet is that event X will happen within exactly 122 days from event Y. The day count begins on the date that event Y takes place, i.e. Day 1 = day event Y happens. The 122nd day ends at, 122 days after event Y.

I have taken this bet with a corresponding wager. I.e. if event X does not happen within aforementioned time frame, Limin owes me dinner.

We think we're mature and dong de zhuo ren enough not to need to haggle out the price of dinner right now.

Just so you know, the results of this will be out around October / November 2007.

Yeah, we think long term. smile

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hahha i think i will win. and I will definitely know how to dong de zhuo ren for a decent dinner.. i'll bring u to a restaurant i'm dying to go at that point in time ahha razz


sounds dodgy and sneaky to me..

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