Sunday, 10th December '06


Yep. Holidays are here. It's going to be busy with all the Christmas things - this year I have been designated on Christmas duty, so I've been out with parents shopping for ornaments and trees and lights etc. for two days straight. Is fun, but tiring, and Concourse has gone a little bit loco. Ikea too. Pictures to come, once I manage to borrow a PC to upload the photos from the phone.

In the meantime, I NEED A JOB. It's the last holiday to do something a little bit crazy, so if anyone has lobangs for event dancer, needs someone to dress in a Mickey Mouse costume and take photos with small children, juggle wine bottles or oranges (I may need to practise again first... but I don't do knives or fire, please), sell Christmas trees or demonstrate yo-yos, act in cheesy corporate videos, organise funfairs and flea markets, man the counter at a scuba diving gear rental shack, decorate your tree shop window or house or church or Orchard Road (of rather, fixing the massive disaster that it is already)... call me. I'm only going for fun, so I don't care much about how much is paid. I just need to have done something frivolous in my life before I become a corporate drone. As for clerical work and external sales... I need at least 10 bucks an hour, mostly because I need to be paid for being bored out of my mind.

I may be opening myself up to being searched on Technorati and slammed like Wee Shu Min, but somehow getting a general job is SO HARD. People say getting jobs being a lawyer or a doctor is difficult, but even if I'm willing to be a Duck Tours guide for 5 bucks and hour they won't have me. So I can do Intellectual Property for Allen & Gledhill but I'm incapable of reciting stories about the Singapore River and Sir Stamford Raffles and coolies with artificial enthusiasm. I have possibly written to every animal facility here which says they're hiring animal show presenters and none will have me. Can't even get a foot in the door for an interview. I don't get it; I'd hire me, and I think I'd do it better than the ones I see doing it right now. There is a problem with being overqualifiedly underqualified - all the paper and the qualifications in all the wrong places gets you absolutely nowhere. Honestly I don't think it's all that hard to dress as Donald Duck and wave manicly at a contingent of 5 year olds. I know I shouldn't be complaining, most people would love to have my life. But it doesn't mean I wouldn't like in on theirs either.

Oh well. Was in the mood to blow off some steam. All I want is something DIFFERENT. Is that so bad?

It's annoying that being unable to get a job with Duck Tours can ruin your self esteem like that. It's unthinkably crushing to a 4th year law student that jobs that ask for school leavers with O-level qualifications, no experience necessary, won't even interview me.

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4 photographs developed.


*roftl* try NTUC, i tink they need cashiers big grin


hurhur. my toes are laughing.

anyways, so what happened was i got this lobang to promote a certain cutsy fruit juice to f&b managers and cafes and pubs etc whose reps are supposed to turn up for the heartlands boon lay new year countdown party organised by some RC. dude on the phone gives me a call and i'm kinda cranky from spending 4 hours decorating a christmas tree. it's harder than you think if you want it to look like the trees in takashimaya. and then he begins to tell me about it all and asks me if know who kim ng and le yao are because they also will be there. ok, i say. and then he says tell me more about myself. i ask him what he wants to know. so he says something about needing interactive bubbly cheerful females, and asks my height and weight.

i asked him how that was relevant. eh, promote fruit juice leh, not macam ask me to prostitute myself like some tiger beer auntie. piang.

so i think i scared my interviewer coz then he stuttered something about no lah, not relevant, we just want to make sure our sales people are pleasant looking. he lucky i not bad mood lor... i'd have asked him: so how, too skinny too fat too short too tall is not pleasant is it?

and then he proudly tells me this fruit juice thing was the official drink of SEXPO. like that is supposed to make it sound good.

anyways he still wants to give me the job... hurhur... kai, you want in? quite slack lah, and the whole event is actually very clean. organised by community centre. haha. just the dude was so not tactful i couldn't resist diaoing him.


hey enz.. i can ask my friend if they need part time ice cream scoopers at ben and jerry's.. haha


oh ! i think u should go sell those dinghy neon headgear they always tout on orchard road during christmas LOL

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