Tuesday, 19th December '06

Buddy Tree... Still Counting.

Noted for posterity, and rediscovered as jotted down on a scrappy piece of Yoshinoya tray lining -

Many thanks to Chor Kiang and Sam for supplementing the details.

17th: Richard (Wel)
18th: Gail Wong (CommzD)
19th: Olivia Oo (ECAD)
20th: Adrian Ho (CCAD)
21st: Koh En Ying (CCAD)
22nd: Huang Jian' An (CCAD)
23rd: Tan Liang Si (CommzD)
24th: Samuel Chan (Wel)
25th: Nina Chng (Wel), Tan Chor Kiang (Wel)
26th: (Under Nina) Iwan (CCAD), Musfirah (House)
(Under Chor Kiang) Chua Weilin (Wel), Brian Ng (House)

Things are about to get a lot more confusing, come April.

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