Wednesday, 3rd January '07

Now Here's a Thought

Ha. So much for my search for unusual jobs. I have stumbled across the perfect jobs, and I started work on a tentative tryout basis today. Working from home and working online, I have to get Paypal figured out soon enough, and I hope the service fees and currency conversion rates aren't going to end up eating all my revenue.

I'm not going to go into the specifics of the jobs, lest some copycat bored university student get bright ideas about wrecking my pending rice bowls.

Job 1 is about as cushy a deal as one can get. Perhaps it's not suited for just anyone, but it's insanely En Ying-ish, the joy! It's a job for a US-based Karaoke Database, and the job involves listening to popular English music and transcribing the song lyrics. Actually, it's even simpler than that - the vast majority of the songs they have have already been transcribed - they just need someone to edit the spelling, grammar and punctuation, and make sure that the lyrics they have on an existing reference file match exactly the lead vocals, cutting out all the adlibbing and backup vocals. US$1 per song title, and given the extensive lyric database already in my head, I average about 1 song every 5 minutes. So I've done a trial run of 5 songs and they already include the likes of Bryan Adams "Back to You" and Aerosmith's "Pink".

Oh and the absolute best part of the gig (aside from its free and easy nature), is the FREE MP3S. For the first time I am getting legally downloaded MP3s GIVEN to me as part of a paid job. Getting paid to listen to free music that I get to keep thereafter - now that's a sweet deal.

Job 2. I finally got off my ass and learnt how to make money off something else that I'm already doing. Blogging. I'm not a Xiaxue just yet, but I must say she inspired this idea. The long and short of this gig is that I will write short articles for travellers to Singapore - anything from tourist attractions to restaurant and nightspot reviews and political commentary. Google AdSense monetizes the hits and I get paid. I'm currently operating on the assumption that no one will want to read my ramblings, though, so it's all just in fun for now. Just a "let's see where we go from here". If nothing else, I'll figure out how to apply AdSense to my own blog, maybe. In any case, I submitted a couple of applications last night, like I said, and I got selected for one already! *big grin*. Details later, once I accept the offer and the guy sets up the blog for me. So, anyone got an interesting location you want me to review or a good story to tell or a gig to publicize? I'm actually kinda excited about this even if in the end I get no money for it - it's like a small gig in lifestyle reporting - the kind of shindig I'd like to get into if I weren't already going to be a money grubbing lawyer. I'll be giving out the link and asking you guys to click on it voraciously once it's up. big grin

Here's me also waving frantically at potential organisers of cool events and such - invite me. Give me free things! Bloody hell, who's going to do that just yet? Hahahaha.

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Annual SMUB CNY Reunion Dinner - 20th Feb 2007 (Chu San) big grin


roger that, HQ. where at?


I say at the intercon hahaha but only if u all are up for it.. oh and dajie.. what does 'Carrie-like' mean? And if u want to know more about gigs to go to and thigns happening in Singapore for u to write up go to the I-S magazine website smile hehehe very good stuff ...and once u figure out how to use Adsense..teach me!

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