Sunday, 7th January '07

Well, Boo.

I am surprisingly annoyed by the outcome of the LIV-ARSL FA Cup match. Why I should be annoyed when I predicted this sort of result anyway is beyond me. Maybe I at least expected Liverpool to go down fighting. *Shrug*

It just pains me when a perfectly decent team has a WONDERFUL stadium full of psychotically enthusiastic fans wearing their hearts proudly on their sleeves, scarves, hats and jerseys, and the team for whom all this is going on for just does dumb-dumb stuff to throw it all away. So it's really not about who wins and who loses, it's all about HOW you win and lose.

Since I'm generally the unintelligent, girly Gerrard-shipper, we'll start there. Objectively speaking, blah. Revelling in the glory of the recently awarded MBE does quite little for him really - and we shall not go into the question of whether an award of chivalry should rightly be awarded for something like the footy - though the quaint bow to the fans after scoring the second goal against what'sitcalled? on New Year's was somewhat amusing. Still, the MBE didn't seem to inspire him or his teammates a whole lot tonight.

Neither were the general hereos of the team any better. Except for the double-header by Crouch-Kuyt, blah too. Alonso was absurdly ineffective, Agger rather vague and unconvincing, and Carragher should be taken out and SHOT. Credit though, to Luis Garcia and Pennant for playing their backsides off. You already know I have no sound basis on which to critique anybody's play (except for the occasional "Dammit even I could have scored that"), but seriously only Garcia, Pennant and Kuyt played anything worth the price of a ticket and all that fan singing.

I almost felt bad for the fans when they gave their usual stirring rendition of the "You'll Never Walk Alone" theme. It was pretty much a case of "WHAT ARE YOU SINGING FOR? THE TEAM DIDN'T EVEN GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY'S WORTH!" And those Tiger FC ads that played at half time - the ones with the ranting coaches? - Liverpool sure deserved to be screamed at.

Heck, the whole run down of the match looked like a bought game. Which is in itself somewhat offensive, but like I said I care very little for ultimate outcomes. Again I was upset by how the whole thing seemed set up to disapppoint the fans, the very people that keep the EPL industry alive. The referee was about as kayu as they come - twice he gave Alonso grief for "diving", when he was OBVIOUSLY tripped by Circhy and kneed in the back by Henry. He failed to give any penalties when Kuyt is shirt-grabbed and thown down by Henry, and he missed about half a dozen other card situations.

Worse, I have nagging suspicions about bought Liverpool players - especially that magnificently moronic challenge of Henry by Carragher at the end. My proverbial grandmother could have done better than that. And don't get me started on the question of WHY Benitez made a grand laughing total of ONE substitution; you could see Bellamy buzzing like neon at the bench just waiting to get in there. Benitez was probably drunk too.

I was also vaguely disappointed that there was no show of brilliance from Arsenal despite the many fans I know who love it so. I'll give Rosicky props, but attribute the unexpected double score to Liverpool's pansy-assed defence. (And when I saw it was Gerrard right in front of Rosicky at the second goal, I could have slapped Stevie G around with a large trout, I care not if it ruins his pretty boy looks or not.) And Arsenal was a lot less sporting than I would have expected them to be, reckless challenges and all, it just didn't make them seem worth all the loyalty their fans carry around.

It was all round just a BAD EVENT. Everybody sucked. And to think I actually stayed up to watch this mess.

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woah woah..dajie's pissed man smile but well that's why i dont like watching club matches smile i'm still luxuriating in my italia winning the world cup smile hoha cool eh?


haha... i actually tend to think that club matches demand less loyalty than a country match. i get more agitated about country-based things. clubs are all just about money and commercial enterprise.

aiyoh, italia. get over it already.

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