Thursday, 22nd February '07

Crashing Back Down to Earth After the Chinese New Year High

Okok, I need to get my ass into gear. I've been saying that for the past two weeks. Here's what's coming up shortly:

- 7th March, APAIE Show. Zaini finished with the Rumi blocking, so the cleanup begins on Saturday. Die lah. I hate cleanup.

- 9th-12th March, EU Law 100% Final. 8 credits is a lot.

- 15th March, Insurance Research Assignment. Still haven't picked a proper topic, bleugh.

So it would seem that once CNY ended, I should have been a little more focused. But non non non, mes amies. I have been playing / partying non-stop since Valentine's Day:

- 14th February, Valentine's Day drinks with the Bimz.
Fashion Bar at the Cannery. Where we bemoan our lack of male company. And I get totally weirded out by J-Ong.

- 15th February, meeting Jussi (Ave's new Swedish boyfriend) with the TFYE girls at Coffee Club (that 24 hr late night one at Somerset).

- 16th February, dinner with Bert at California Pizza Kitchen + shopping for "Tigu" for Babs.

- 17th February, Part I: Tuan Yuan Fan with Dad's side of the family.
Thanks to yours truly, the whole family was forced to watch the 2007 US Figure Skating Nationals. Heehee. Had pretty good dialogue with Alvin about a number of skate related things - and it's quite pleasantly surprising to find a guy in my family who appreciates the stuff too. We agree that Michelle Kwan is ridiculously overrated and are both Sacha Cohen shippers. Nice. Spoke cursorily to Jeremy (cousin) about him going off to school at University of Western Australia, and that's gotta be more than a I've spoken to him in the last ten years! Now that I think on it, it's funny how I speak so little to him. He's only a year older than me, which is the smallest age gap between anyone in my family. *shrug*. Biggest drama of all errupted when Andrew's family arrived - Rooffles the pet Schnauzer picked New Year's Eve to wander out of the house and never came back. A pretty terrible way to start the year... Andrew was suitably depressed and Amanda and Andrea cried us a river. Poor kids. Alvin and I took up counselling duty with Amanda.

- 17th February, Part II: Flo @ One Fullerton with Limin, for 1-for-1 martinis, midnight CNY fireworks at the Esplanade and EIC.
Very good chill night. Caught up with Babs in person, and EIC sounded even better than they usually do at Wala's. Rai's voice is still the bomb, and they have a new repetoire, including both the John Mayer Trio's version of "I Got a Woman" and Mayer's new, Grammy-winning "Waiting on the World to Change". And much to our joy this was followed quickly with Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancakes" and Dave Matthew's "The Space Between". Given the combined effect of Rai and Jack and John and Jack (Johnson) and Jason and Dave and a Lychee Martini chased down with a Cosmopolitan, I was already a very smiley person. And then SURPRISE, fireworks errupted over the waterfront in a beautiful shower of sparkles which we could see in full glory from our bar window seats. EIC was on a break so we all focused our attention fully on the gorgeous display. Neither Babs nor I had cameras, which was a shame; I was on the verge of randomly just going up to Rai to ask him to mail me the ones he was enthusiastically snapping away, just that I decided that EIC-grouppie that I am, it might be a bit much. Ha. Anyway, I found a few pictures on Mag Kong's facebook, so here you go, thank Mag -

- 18th / 19th February, VISITING VISITING VISITING.
Ah Ma's, Waikong's, Ah Ma's again, Lao Ko's. Rooffles came home, picked up by a taxi driver outside Andrew's condo. All the worlds is full of smiles again, and my heart can stop breaking for the kiddies. *phew*. Watched silly Taiwanese variety shows with the other cousins on Mum's side... finally figured out who this Wang Shaowei (5566) is that Limin is so mad and girly about. Ok lah, he passes; unlike some of Limin's other crushes who fail miserably, *koffMingDaokoff*.

- 19th February, Night of Mayhem with Smub at Holiday Inn.
Yes it was perfectly innocent. My Dad was worried it would sound sleazy that the whole lot of us piled into a hotel room for a night. Seriously. *rolls eyes*. All we did was play poker with a ridiculously chi-chi looking Fcuk poker kit (clay chips and all), punish Bert and Ben with shooting Spice Honey Whiskey straight, eat wayyyy too much bakkwa, talk about everything from Swiss Banks and tax evasion to how Daniel Marc looks like Osama bin Laden in disguise (I know, observant friends I have), and bitch generously about... well, nevermind.

- 20th February, Day of Recovery.
Yeah, my ass. I ended up staying up till 5 am attempting to watch Lille vs Manchester United with Dad. Wah liao, waste my effort. It was a lousy scrappy mess. and Dad REFUSED to change channels to Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich. Which, by the way, had 3 goals in the first half.

- 21st February, Part I: lame attempts to mug at Changi + sending Limin back off to Darwin and eating Popeye's Chicken + Midnight hot chocolate and Kettle Chips with Luk and Bert.
Dad again over-reacts at me coming home late, and bellows something into the phone about me being a girl and therefore cannot come home late as I have been religiously doing for the past few days. He's got a point about it being too much - at 22 (still about 1.5 months!) I am and old lady feeling the strain. But the whole GIRL thing. I said he was being openly sexist, and he told me to speak to my mother. My mother takes the phone replies in a tone that betrays her inner, longsuffering, "my family is a bunch of clowns" feelings. I shift the burden of everything onto Lucas who has kindly offered to drive me home. See, Dad, it's safe!

- 21st February, Part II: Barcelona vs Liverpool.
Muauhahahah. WE WIN!!! I fell asleep intermittently - hey, it started at freaking 3:30am - but I am now convinced Craig Bellamy is my favourite player. Yeah, Tzo, I think I have decided to support Liverpool properly now. It may even have gone beyond "Gerrard-is-my-eye-candy" reasons.

And here're the plans for the next days:

- 22nd February, Reunion Dinner with the Bimz.
The amount of food Seetoh has managed to get the Bimz to cobble together sounds exciting.

- 23rd February, meeting Tzo and Ningz!
I'm really excited about this. It's been too long.

- 24th February, Rumi Rehearsal

- 25th February, Triple-Whammy Birthday Party

And that will be the end of the Spring Break. I will be throughly exhausted and completely unready to start school again.

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wah seh. u are damn happening dajie smile but nice to know u are gonna be a proper liverpool fan. i used to be a loyal one.. then decided to switch to my darling italia cos i just didnt have the steam in me to support a team that played almost all year round razz


i'm a fan by the backdoor, though i don't really know exactly what that means. haha. i reluctantly care about what happens to them even if i spend more time cursing crouch than anything else. maybe i just like the stupid stories of what stupid things bellamy does in his personal life (he attacked teammate riise with a golf club, *rotfl*).


umm.. why is this lesbian person spamming ur blog?


I DON'T KNOW. they're irritating as hell.


yeah man. find a way to block them.. i didnt know the porn spam can go into someone's comment box! crazy


hello en! taking a breather in between studying... so sorry couldn't make it for tzo and ningz... was halfway through the O&G horror week of exams... and now we have patho in 3 weeks... eep. haha, you take care k, meet after our exams (hopefully)... heh

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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