Saturday, 3rd March '07

All Hail Greymatter 1.7.1

As it says above, this is one of those webmaster posts that highlight a little change in the administration of the Funnyfishcakes blog. is now powered by the upgraded Greymatter 1.7.1, and I am mucho pleased with the anti-spam protections this provides. I have set it on the lowest level of protection for now, which causes minimal interference to your reading pleasure. Just note that all comments containing more than 5 links will be automatically blocked, as per the announcement on the left column.

I'm also very stoked about the multiple comment delete function the new version has integrated, which again is of no consequence to anyone who's not actually blogging with the aid of Greymatter. This is just me letting you know I'm happy. smile

However, the webmaster interface is now a much duller, oatmealy (as Limin would say) brown. It used to be a far more stimulating shade of lilac. Well, you can't have it all. I think the emoticons in the new version might look a little more vertically squashed too, but at least they're animated. I'll keep them that way for now since they're also kinda cute and a change is nice. Though I must admit I quite miss the old little guys already.

Right then. It is back to Van Gend en Loos and the principles of direct effect and supremacy of EC law.

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