Friday, 6th April '07

"Daddy Doesn't Fart!"

Heeheeeheee. I really should be working on the Topics in IP exam paper but I got more than half done on the first of 4 days, and the rest of the questions are incomprehensible, hence I have really lost my drive. I'm sure there'll be a rant on that topic soon enough.

Anyway, this is a few days belated, but I did get a very decent slightly-after-birthday present on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning:

Heeheeehee. *fangirl mode*

Oh. 'Tis bad, 'tis bad. I got it bad. crazy

And to follow that up, I actually accidentally came across a Gerrard documentary I'd been trying to find for a while. This time I didn't even have to search for it, it just popped up in my lap as I was on youtube. Nice. It's pretty much a typical celebrity cheesy biography thing, but hey, I'm not complaining. Well, it doesn't make Gerrard out to be the sharpest knife in the drawer (and neither is his fiancee), but his daughter is the most adorable thing next to Jonah. You have to see the first installment, where he's getting a haircut and his daughter suddenly runs screaming out of the room: "Daddy farted! Daddy farted!" and Stevie looks around as the camera zooms in on his guilty cum long-suffering expression: "Daddy never farted. Daddy doesn't fart!".

I think rolled around laughing for a good whole minute.

There's this other part too... right at the start where he's packing to leave for the World Cup in Germany.
Narrator: "When he comes home again in a couple of months, he hopes to bring back the World Cup. Today though, he has other concerns."
*cut scene to Gerrard pottering around house*
Gerrard: "... need SOCKS. Can't find socks in this house. Alex, do you know where me socks are? I've got no socks!"

Dude's also got the coolest crib, and the glass doors he had made to commemorate the the UEFA 2005 Istanbul comeback victory are pretty gorgeous (he had the team's faces embossed on 2 glass doors that are now the entrance to a games room). Oh, the things money can do.

Enough now, watch this if you have too much time on your hands. I'm not going to pull a Limin or Kai and proclaim him a future husband - you could say I have a little more dignity than that (but not much) - but it is entertaining for a *koff* fangirl.


Steven Gerrard - "A Year in My Life"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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4 photographs developed.


he's growing on me, dammit =) hahha. nice photo you got there *hahahaha* but somehow watchign the fart part got spoiled by what you typed hahahah =)


of course u cant! he's freaking married! mine is still single! i'm being realistic here.


he's not married! he's engaged. hahahaa.


okok... cool...

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