Wednesday, 11th April '07

Rock and Roll Dreams Come True?

"The beat is yours forever
The beat is always true
And when you really really need it the most
That's when rock and roll dreams come true"

-- Meat Loaf, "Rock and Roll Dreams Come True"

I like starting my entries / law school essays with a good quote. Sort of whet the appetite and all that.

So I was driving home on Monday from school, after bit of work done with some Bimz (with Seetoh it was more like some serious talking, and with Clar it was more like seriously watching her run around panicking). I was actually for once enjoying the fact that I left my iPod at home, so I was being forced to listen to whatever passes for post-lunch time radio entertainment these days.

Turns out Power98's SuperMario something-or-other show isn't too bad. A good mix of late 80s to early 2000s, just the way us yuppie-aged people like it. And then THE ANNOUNCEMENT came on (words obviously not quoted verbatim because if I could pull a stunt like that, then I would be some kind of idiot savant - instead of the plain idiot that I am):

"... ANNNDD please continue to listen in, because coming up in the next hour, we will be telling you how ten lucky winners - that's right! TEN LUCKY WINNERS! - will be given the chance to enjoy a JOHN MAYER and EIC live acoustic session at Wala's Wala's at Holland Village, with a fabulous spread of food. John Mayer and EIC, in celebration of the release of the Continuum album. Details after these messages..."

*insert commercial break*

Wait a second, I think. Didn't Continuum get released on 12th September last year? And to pre-empt some eyebrow raises from you readers, yes, I did memorise the exact release date. What? I had to make preparations camp out at Gramaphone, you know. Damn Sembawang Music Centre couldn't even be good enough to stock the CD on time.

*more important realisation quickly kicks in*


Lest you missed the big bold letters even in the second round...



It is at this precise moment my stomach does a big flip flop. Ok, flip flop is an understandment. Backwards tuck double twist triple pike is more like it. All cars in the vicinity of the Paya Lebar exit on the PIE at 2:20pm should now thank their lucky stars, because if I had been blessed with any slower reflexes, this little white Honda might have veered off course in a dramatic screeching of tires, hitting the road barrier and causing a 22 car pile-up.

Ok. BREATHE. Breathe easy.


Of course, I finish the drive in one piece, but grinning like a Cheshire cat all the way home. Perhaps that grin, coupled with the concentration on driving and trying not to scream and run around in delirious excitement, looked a bit more like the macabre grin on a victim of strychnine poisoning. Whatever the case, I had enough presence of mind to text Limin and Kai with hysterical SMSes detailing my uncontainable excitement.

Uncontainable excitement, you understand, borne not out of girlish crushes and teenybopper fanaticism. This was the unbridled delight of discovering that someone whose music has had so much influence in your life, who has probably unintentially taught you more about growing up, managed your expectations of adulthood, been the reason you have taken any interest in blues guitar, got you over your angsty end-of-teenage years, made you appreciate the beauty of simple words (more than any of the literature lessons of secondary school had, anyway) and telling it like it is... is finally going to turn up in a place you could actually see him in person.

And in a setting that it's perfectly plausible to go to him, shake him by the hand, and tell him thanks for having, in all honesty, played a pivotal role in my life. Thanks for being the voice of someone who has managed to take my thoughts and express them in ways I never could, and in doing so, showing me that if you got through it, so many others must have done so too, and so must I at some point. For all the times I make jokes about how much he's a clown, he's written things that have made me stop and look at the world differently, and I've gotten more out of, and had more belief in some of his songs, than I've had in even the Bible.

Essentially, to say thanks for giving me the gift of music. In it's purest form. It's like Meat Loaf said, this was something of a Rock and Roll Dream Come True.

To cut a long story short, something in me of course knew it was all too good to be true. I know where to check Mayer's schedule lah, it's physically impossible for him to be in Singapore this month. He should be in Australia or something. So I make a well placed email to EIC themselves, expressing my disbelief in what Power98's been saying.

Here's an exerpt from Jack's reply:

"and yes, you heard right, it's a JM party going on the 22nd of april, but no lah, JM is not coming down. (if he did, i'll flip too! haha...)."

Excuse me while I go find ways to sue Power98 for false advertising. angry, grr

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