Monday, 23rd April '07

What, No "Vultures"? (a.k.a. EIC's John Mayer Continuum Launch Party)

Announcement 1: Don't let Gnet drink a litre of Erdinger in one go. The result is us all being very worried about how she was going to drive home, and her doing strange things all night long.

Announcement 2: I am utterly, stinking BROKE. If the Italy tickets and accommodation hadn't already sucked me dry, this was the final nail in the coffin. Freaking price of drinks / food and TAXI FARE. The TAXI FARE cost more than my dinner and more than my Snowball. Bleugh. Not that one can really complain about paying out the cash to have a good time; but this is one of those moments that I would be really really happy to find a $10 note wedged up in the pocket of a pair of freshly laundered jeans. Or, a rich uncle three times removed could suddenly decide that his time is up, and bequeath me a small fortune. *shrug*. I wouldn't say no.

Now that the formalities are dispensed with, I'm left to blog the John Mayer Continuum Party "adventure". When Babs and I arrive the Power98 FM crew are already there, and ask us if we were "the winners". Yeah, I knew about the radio contest that gives you free drinks and food for the night if you are "a winner", but nice honest people that we are, we say no and take a side table with a decent view of the stage. We are soon joined by Gnet and Jason Balota.

Chelsea plays with some random small team, and this is screening downstairs. We are later informed by Jason and EIC themselves that the game was a draw, so the ManU-Chelsea gap remains strong at 3 points. Personally, I'm just happy if Chelsea stays out of form till the 25th. *grin*

So, the music. One can never complain when EIC plays. As far as cover bands go, they're The Best I've ever heard, beating out even the Lower Deck's Signal Hill but just a bit. I habour a small gripe that the rest of the band wasn't there, especially because "Gravity" (as G commented before she got high), needed to be carried by a strong backbeat.

But Jack and Rai are DA MEN. As always. The JM songs put Jack's flying fingers to the test (to which he rose valiantly), and Rai's dreamy vocals were impeccable as usual. By the time of "I've Got a Woman", I was convinced that Rai's version beat out even JM's. I could wax lyrical about how Rai's singing is the most beautiful sound produced in Singapore, but this being Singapore with its two degrees of separation, it'll probably get back to him sooner or later and I'll not have a shred of dignity left.

And here's some other stuff that you should know. We (read: Gnet), shamelessly played those crowd teaser, give-away-goody-bags games, winning us a mother-big bag of JM/Power98 treats. We let her keep the Continuum CD and Any Given Thursday DVD (shoot, why do I ALWAYS already have the stuff? Qiong, you could have saved a lot of money not getting me that DVD), and hijacked the T-shirts, magazines, etc.

We also shamelessly laughed at the shamelessly tipsy Gnet. First she nearly fell asleep at the table, then she got off the barstool and nearly couldn’t get back on. Then she stole Jason’s hat, and couldn’t put on her watch. Then she drew on napkins. And then she wrote the inexplicable, cryptic message “R------ IS MY BLIND DATE” on the napkin. When Jack joined us for a bit (Balota is a friend), he took a double take at the “R------” message, but quickly got over it when she asked him if that was beer in his glass on stage. When he said yes, she followed up that impossibly intelligent question with the impossibly intelligent next question, “SO, YOU NEED ALCOHOL TO DRINK?”

Jack, wisely enough, decides that it's time to leave us to our own destruction and begin the next set.

The table of us also shamelessly monopolised the dedications. This being part of Gnet’s insistent indulgence in napkin-art, we ask for “Vultures” (Jack thinks it’s shiok too, ok! *fangirl smile*), “Taylor”, and “The Promise”. We actually get none of what we ask for, but we get replacements in the form of “Banana Pancakes”, “Split Screen Sadness” and another obscure Tracy Chapman number. Balota gets a gratuitous Dave Matthews “Crash” thrown in. That means that our table took 4 out of the 6 dedication songs. It pays to have friends who are friends with right people, at things like this.

Other honourable mentions: Mario (the Power98 DJ), singing "Your Body is a Wonderland". Mario ≠ the sexist dude in the world, but a really "nubbad" performance, as they say. And Shirlyn Tan, whom I'd never heard before, but apparently she used to "play with Jack" (dirty nuances aside) every Monday night before the EIC gig started out. I like her voice, but the music's a little too Alanis Morisette for my taste. But she's definitely worth a listen.

Alright, I realise this one was rambly. I'm pretty bushed myself. Pictures of Gnet acting strangely, the much-vandalised napkins, and EIC to come. Watch this space.

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haha so much more detail in ur entry then mine ! and i dont think gnet is gonna like seeing that blind date thing on ur blog confused


haha... eh, i haven't even finished editing and you comment already. i did say you were rabid. big grin

ok, blind date... i change the name to protect the innocent.


i am not rabid. u happened to say that you just blogged mah! razz

innocent G:

I AM THE INNOCENT? why don't you change MY name?


you're the perpetrator lah, innocent my ass.


hahah yup..the tipsy perpetrator.. not innocent at all !

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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