Thursday, 17th May '07


Just reached Firenze, or Florence as it is more commonly known back home. Renaissance city. Will be going to see it tomorrow, but for tonight, I'm doing a Speedy Gonzales on the computer.

Way too much to talk about, really. Each city is so different from each other, and yet they all have somthing the same. I loved Verona, and Venezia was pretty cool too - Piazza Erbe in Verona particularly stuck with me, and of course the Piazzale San Marco in Venezia too. Milano left something to be desired, as everyone who's been there will tell you but Il Duomo was amazing. The fashion bits were just alright.

Other small places we got to included Lago di Garda (Lake Garda) and Dessenzzano, a little fishing naval town, very reminiscent of Halifax. Wandered around taking pictures of boats and people for the longest time. Rimini, the little resort town, where we had heaps and heaps of seafood and made good enough friends with the guy who owned the nearby restaurant that we got given free limoncello and arancia-cello or whatever you call it. I made a day trip out to San Marino myself while Clar hungout on the beach, and wandered around the gorgeous medival city pretending quite successfully to be a princess in my Tre Castelli awaiting the arrival of my knight shining armour. Heh.

When we got back to Rome, a friendly German called Marco struck up a conversation with me over phone chargers, and it ended up with him showing us a bit of the city and us helping him do his shopping. Haha. I couldn't get hold of the Italian called Marco - he's sadly back in Halifax again, blah - but all in all Rome is a beautiful city, don't get me wrong, I just don't feel quite the same for it as I did for Verona or Asssisi.

And there was the TopDeck Tour. Awesome awesome group, I never expected that we'd all get along like this house on fire, but we did. Even though the trip was full of couples, they weren't sticky and there weren't any of those difficult characters you learn to anticipate will spoil your fun. The best part was that this American boyfriend and girlfriend couple from Boston got engaged on the trip! In Sorrento, after a trip to the Capri Islands, no less! It was especially sweet cos he's just 23 and she's just 22, and he'd been carrying the ring in his jacket pocket all the trip just waiting for the time to do it. All together now... awww... smile

Other than that, we've also been to Assisi for San Francesco and the monks, Siena and Chianti for wine tasting. The wine tasting dinner was great, by now the group has gelled really well and there's this sense of cameradary going 'round. And we know each other comfortably enough to start with the friendly diaos and jibes now. Will definitely be keeping in touch with them in the future. Long live Facebook and MSN. Oh yes, and myspace (side snicker).

So yeah, that was the rambly summary. Only just over a day left with the group, then Clar and I will strike out on our own again to finish up Pisa, Cinque Terre and the last of Rome.

Till the next time, Ciao Bella!

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hahah nice to know u are having so much fun in italy. i wanna taste chianti too! sad


Glad you are having lovely time -- it makes me want to go back to Italy too! Too many places I've not been.

(Oh and, um, it's camaraderie. smile)


i don't need to say whom i'm directing this at: stop correcting my spelling. it's been at least 7 years since we agreed it was a lost cause! smile


sorry, it's a compulsion wink But I'll desist!

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