Monday, 4th June '07

Fruits and Files

Finally jumped through all the administrative hoops the Board of Legal Education has to offer, and if all goes well (and there really is no reason why it shouldn't), the BLE will approve my pupillage application and I'll be a full fledged half-lawyer (which is really what a legal pupil is).

Received my first file to work on today, and I'm really thinking I made the right choice with where to do pupillage. My pupil master seems to understand pretty well that I want as much exposure to litigation as possible, while still getting a fair amount of IP work, so today she sent me off to the litigation floor in search of an associate who set me some research on a hybrid matter. Cool.

I'm feeling rather happier here as a pupil than I expected to. Everyone's been nothing but lovely, and there's none of that breathing down my neck checking to see that I'm not slacking off that I anticipated. Everyone seems to work reasonably hard, but I haven't heard any raised voices or screaming bosses yet. And there's the Pantry Aunty.

She came around today with her little pushcart of fruits. Free fruits! smile And I got a bit of a shock when she entered our little pupils room and forcefully reminded me of the need to eat my "水果!". When the LA whom I'm sharing the room with told me they were free, I helped myself and felt surprisingly comforted. For all the long dreary hours I see ahead, at least someone's going to make sure I get my daily fibre.

And while I was contemplating that warm and fuzzy observation, the Pantry Aunty was gone in a blink of an eye. Before I knew it, I could hear her unmistakable voice - still audible, but growing fainter in the distance - as she made her way down the offices, dolling out apples and ordering lawyers and partners alike to partake in the "水果!".

It made me laugh.

I think this is going to be fun.

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hey dajie. sounds good! we were just talking about how big companies dole out fruits to their employees..looks like u can say that about urs too!


lol.. i don't have pantry aunties here but i do have pantry boys! shocked they serve coffee, tea, buscuits, water over here.. crazy

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