Sunday, 17th June '07

Social Networking is a Funny Thing

I've been feeling the effects of globalisation lately. Sometimes, people or personalities you think are so far away are really not so:

Oh yes, it's THE Josh Kelley alright. Musician, I have his album, engaged to Katherine Heigl (Roswell / Grey's Anatomy), Josh Kelley.

At first, I honestly thought it was just some dude named Josh Kelley. Then, I figured he (or his publicists) probably went a-friend-shopping from John Mayer's myspace page. The latter whom I thick-skinnedly self-requested an add from. But if you knew anything at all about me, then you'd know this is one person he would probably never say no to.

In fact, out of my measly 8 friends on myspace, only three of them (Ben, Maree and "WOZZAA!!") are regular people. As close to "regular" as someone with a name like "WOZZAA!!" could ever get, anyway. *private joke*

But once I got over the mild excitement about having a real celebrity friend-request me, I realised it's just another publicity stunt. Target people you know have a certain interest you can fulfill, and thereby sell them your stuff. Social networking tools like Facebook and Myspace bastardise the "friend" label, reducing it more to something like "acquaintance", "consumer" or "someone I think looks cute". It's not like once we add these people we're ever going to talk to them again; we might, but then there's no obligation to actually do it.

And yet that's not a bad thing. It's enough that for that split-second we bring ourselves to that person's attention, and how it proceeds from there is all up to chance. If Josh ("may I call you Josh?") hadn't added me, I wouldn't have actually thought about him any more than the fact that I have one of his albums, and it was pretty listenable. Now I might actually actively look out for his next release. And buy it, because his Myspace presence reminds me that there is an actual, live person behind the music. And frankly, I now also notice he's a lot better looking in his Myspace profile picture than on his album cover. Sure it was a publicity stunt, but I think it worked.

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Hey girl! It has been a while since I came to your site and I must say... it looks astonishing! Then I started looking for you and meself in the pictures. haha. I met up with Geri here in tokyo and she said you started working already. So how's work on the tiny island?


haha i tried to add wsw on myspace, but he hasnt accessed his profile since last year.. let's pray that he'l suddenly remember his password and add me on his list of friends so that i can 'take it from there' razzhurhur

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