Friday, 31st August '07

Lips of an Angel

My new song to obsess about. Heard it on the radio again and it stuck. Video is a bit cheesy, but that's perfectly forgivable because (lo and behold) we have the impossibly adorable Emmanuelle Chiriqui playing the titular angel.

Two entries in a row I remark on her royal loveliness. A pure coincidence, I went looking for this video because of Hinder, and I found her anyway.

If I had a brother I would make him marry her. FYI, she's also completely voyeurable on IMDB; the video credit, however, isn't. But grainy as the video is, I'm pretty sure I'm seeing right. Oh it's her alright.

Honey why am I sleeping so late?

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OMG, i love this song too! first heard it from a club in india and im stuck too. woo! razz

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