Thursday, 20th September '07

The Next Wave 2007: Fifteen

Well. Precious little blogged about this one compared to past years, I know. Selling tickets like a some manic street preacher on speed to everyone you bump into over the past couple of weeks tends to leave you with nothing left to say on the blog. All my lyrical waxing has been, well, waxed out.

But watching that Dance Reflections Hybrid Moves Samsara piece last weekend really gave me pause. I've never watched a DR show before since it's a biannual thing and the last round I was in off roaming Canada, but I never expected to be so shocked by how good our representatives were. Amy and I were so totally the embodiment of proud parents, sitting in the audience bitching about everyone else's "kids", and then being utterly blown away and so very very proud of what our own baby had to show. Don't tell me all NUS dance groups are created equal because they aren't, and boy am I stoked I found myself on the right end of the spectrum.

Here's part of the review from the DR, and another satisfied customer indeed. From an article by Addison Thomas Wong. I actually wonder if that's the dude's real name. His mother must have thought she was pretty funny. :|

In anycase, well done, guys.


In other TNW related news... I again need to learn to take a chill pill. One item and already i get myself worked up. The unwritten MC script is another problem. Sometimes I think I'm an insufferable worrywart. That's one thing I think I learnt from Glen today - that's a person I'll never be, in the sense that he at the very least seems to have a lot of things in balance (3 items, VP, a show to produce and presentation slides for tomorrow grossly undone. And we share one same choreographer who still, despite our best efforts, thinks we suck). But he seems to take it in stride in a way I never will. I think this realisation hit me when he ran in to talk cock and nearly missed a cue, cursed colourfully, and went out and did the job anyway. It's not that I'm saying it's a good or bad thing to be, it's a personality thing - and me, I just think too much. I operate on the slow burn principle and well, gotta live with it lah. The TC, Ave, Aud, Siti, Beq and the other TFYE people probably knew that from a long time ago. Hurhur. Well, it's too late to try and phrase this thought even remotely coherently.

And I have Nat Morris' statement of defence to deal with, a client to advise by tomorrow, and a CPCM brief to write. A bunch of choreographers to talk to and I need to FIND A FREAKING WAY TO EMO OUT MY ITEM. Seriously, I've never been so frustrated with the lack of accurate emo in a dance before. At any one point it's always been: I know what he wants, it's just a matter of giving it at the right time. Now it's: I STILL DUNNO WHAT SHE WANTS. At least the long talk with Shahrin and Yuzhu in the car tonight helped some. Not a whole lot, but some.

Panic! at the Disco.

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