Saturday, 29th September '07

Freaky Chinese Horoscope!

As many of you folks would know, I am not like dear old Babs or Gnet in certain ways. Mainly, I'm an insufferable cynic when it comes to fortune telling or palm reading or astrology-type ideas.

But this latest Facebook horoscope thing is freakishly accurate:

"It would be necessary that you lead a more quiet life and respect a sufficient time of sleep. Energetic and optimistic, you'll be decided to cope with your professional difficulties frontally and to make an effort at realism in order to solve concrete problems better. You'll have difficulty letting yourself go in your amorous exercises; know that the education you received is largely responsible for it. Learn to love reading, don't let television impede this beautiful activity."

Every single thing it says is something I have thought about in recent days. Mannnn.

In other news, 2amdessertbar tonight was a good bit of fun. Chilling with the girls (Dong, Seetoh and Shuang) was very much the relaxed re-easing into law school life after The Next Wave that I needed. And the dancers, hilarious as always. smile

Oh and Babs, my friend was one of the ones that hit your last year's The Next Wave blog. He somehow thinks I was your teacher 'cos you kept calling me "Miss Enz". Hahaha. *raises eyebrow*.

And anyone feeling particularly kind and friendly can also help this friend of mine, with a little survey. He's buying Facebook drinks in return. *deadpan laugh*

I need to find better blog topics. As always, PLC leaves me with little inspiration. I'll review the "JAMUAN Bisu Paradis_e" show after tomorrow's masterclass.

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ahah ok. i've got heaps of hits recently from people googling next wave. except they'll get my comments on last year's show haha oh well smile

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