Tuesday, 16th October '07

Renovation Speak

Just to prove I'm not entirely mopey and dramatic lately - though I have been predominantly mopey and dramatic - is one of those moments in life you embarrassedly chuckle about several days after the incident:

Interior Designer:
... so we need the walls to be smooth. So we will paint your walls with emotional paint.

En Ying:


Interior Designer:
Yah. Emotional paint. Because walls need to be smooth mah.

En Ying:
Emotional paint?!

I think he means EMULSION PAINT.

En Ying:
Orh!! Emotional paint.
[insert umchio]

[whispers] You don't laugh at people lah.

En Ying:
But... we're going to use EMOTIONAL PAINT.

Interior Designer:

Mum & Dad:

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[well, the pictures aren't going to take themselves!]

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