Saturday, 20th October '07

Clarke Quay Conqueror

So. Today a bunch of us law people took the night off fretting about the CDR Conference and the frighteningly alien-looking Commercial Practice Case Study to celebrate Dong and Seetoh's birthday. Pictures will appear on facebook, soon enough, I expect.

I guess what I really want to announce is that the driving situation has hit a new milestone. Last weekend I (in a very hazardous manner) drove to Raffles City Towers to pick Babs up, and made a harrowing journey through Stamford Road traffic to park at SMU and visit the National Museum's 120th Anniversary gig. I say harrowing because (shh, don't tell the parents!) I had no idea which roads were for turning, and very badly anticipated the traffic situation, resulting in a number of emergency turns and braking that would have turned anyone of lower fortitude a bit green.

Today's excursion to Roberson Walk for the birthdays was not quite so harrowing, but still rather annoying. As it was my first time driving there alone, and my "babysitter" Dong was rather preoccupied answering someone else's phonecalls, I happily missed the River Valley Road turning and ended up driving down the entire length of Hill Street before finding a U-turn at (guess where?) SMU. And then on the way home, I trusted Fish's navigation, which ended us almost on the wrong direction of the CTE and depended on Mario + Mighty Minds to get us back on the right path.

That said, I'm very happy to have gotten those first independent drives in those scary ERP, bad traffic and drunk pedestrian areas over with.

And, no one got killed! Hahaha.

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