Thursday, 22nd November '07

Why, When I Finally Get Into Media, I Will Do It OVERSEAS.

Newsflash, 30 November 2007. The MDA has removed the video from their website for reasons which have not been publicly released. Trust me, they are juicy reasons. In fact, given what I've heard passed along the grapevine, I'm actually now very much looking forward to going back to work.

In the meanwhile, thank goodness for YouTube.


So. The Media Development Authority's senior management staff came up with a rap. Thanks to Han and Alex, resident law school cynics and snide-remark-makers (and I say this with immense gratitude for all the laughs), I've come to hear about it too.

It's the MDA senior management staff RAPPING. Yes, it is as horrifying as it sounds.

I'm no hiphop aficionado, but even I know that words such as "consolidating data and building", "service oriented architecture" and "internal systems integration" do not lend themselves to sufficiently achieving Snoop Doggy Dogg flava.

And don't even get me started on the editing. I sincerely hope they meant it as a joke. Go ahead, it's honestly worth watching this video just to get a kick out of how bad it is, the subsequent irony of them waxing lyrical about how we will bring Singapore productions to the international stage and well, that miserable line "China, Cannes, here we come!"

So as Alex does, the only thing left to do is sing along.

Yes yes y'all, we don't stop, get creative can do rock on!

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2 photographs developed.


To be fair, the video starts off quite promisingly. Like the first 3 seconds of it.


i might have almost been fooled by those three seconds. if alex hadn't already sent me a copy of your msn conversation. wink

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