Thursday, 3rd January '08

How the Spinelli's Coffee Boy Made Me Smile

Aww. He has totally swept me off my feet. *giggles*

Humour me, I don't often get chances to share happy girly tales that give you the warm fuzzies. Honestly, it's quite fairytale-like.

(We'll try and disregard how I didn't even notice that he didn't ask for initials to label the cup. And even when I collected it and carried it back to work I hadn't paid any attention to the cup. And then when Dong and Ser Bee saw it they started laughing and pointing at "Ms Pretty Girl" and even then I didn't get it because I thought maybe it was part of the design of the cup... ok fine, I'm stupid. Usually fairytale princesses are not so stupid.)

(And we'll also disregard how tak glam I am that I thought it might be nice to keep it for a souvenir and rinse out the cup, hence causing the ink to bleed like Avril Lavigne's eyeliner in the rain.)

The first thing that hit me, however, was how fortunate it was that I was standing right by to collect my coffee. Sekali the second coffee boy decided to bellow it out to see who ordered it. But all the second coffee boy said was "MEDIUM CARAMEL LATTE!", *phew*.

But the point is, guys, it really doesn't take much to make a girl smile. And as Marilyn Monroe once said, "If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything."

Kai says I must now have a cup of Spinelli's coffee everyday.

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3 photographs developed.


wah lao. great pickup hahaha smile now u can go and drink spinelli's everyday!


agree with limz hahahaha you must go more often =) hehehe you go gal!!!! *hahahahahhaa* so cute =)

bec: cute lah!!!

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