Saturday, 19th January '08

Jif Me Up, Mr Brasso!

I know I know, it's been too long since the last entry, but there really hasn't been much time or opportunity for it. Blogging does take some discipline, and with all those hours spent at work these days, there hasn't been much time to do it.

Many have asked how the work is going, and really it's going quite well. Of course it's not perfect - if it were perfect, I would be paid a minister's salary for sipping pina coladas by some Caribbean beach. So as far as being a law pupil goes, I guess my boat's about as good as it gets. Kind co-workers, good lunch khakis, and interesting enough work.

The confidentiality part of it blows, though. I have so many stories I'd love to talk about, but I value my pending bar card.

Started dancing again too... kind of anyway, with that NAF piece coming around. I'm still not the most comfortable with the performance of it - schizophrenia isn't something that one is going to learn to pull off in a day, if ever at all. And while the seven of us know that failure is not an option (when is it ever, really?), I think there's a sort of nagging worry that somewhere we're going the wrong way.

But let me tell you what I'm so thankful for in this piece - that the cast are who they are. Given the emotional nature (and weirdness) of the item, I really don't think I'd be able to do it with a cast that I didn't totally trust. Trust in many ways: with myself, when trying to portray any emotional content; trust that they'd each do their best; trust with their focus and maturity, and most of all with their sense of commitment. I don't mean we're all method actors here, or that we think about it all the time, but that I know everyone's attitudes and temperaments are sufficiently attuned so we get no hissy fits or have any little ginnahs who just want air-time and think they're oh-so-clever.

Maybe sometimes we lose all discipline and commit the cardinal sin of laughing at a castmate (and poor Jere-mini-me bears the brunt of the most of it). Maybe sometimes the four of us from THAT item last year bandy together to roll our third eyes at each other and make assorted stupid jokes. Maybe sometimes we're guilty of trivialising things we need to do (hence, "Jif me up, Mr Brasso"). But then the emails come around, and the discussions over late-night tau-huay and MRT rides surface and it's all good.

Perhaps I've been scarred by past theatre and film experiences, and therefore have such low expectations of castmates and have therefore become needlessly grateful for something that's not such a big deal, but: Candy, Roz, Eunice, Glen, Jeremy, Yanling and Zaini - it is very awesome being schiz-y with you. You all make me feel very safe doing this "venturing into uncharted waters" thing we're doing.

On another note, ballet class today was unexpectedly fun, and it's VERY REFRESHING to be one of the ones who could actually understand the choreography. Ballet steps are very intuitively joined together, when you get over all the pain of the turnouts and pulling up your core and sticking your ass in. I've been poked fun at many a time (koffGlenkoff) for being horrifically bad at memorising choreography, but today was a bit of a relief. Glisade, pas de chat, glisade, pas de chat, glisade, ton de chat, detournee. How bad can that be on the brain, however bad it is on every other part of the body?

Also, surprisingly, I found myself missing ballet class. NO ONE IS MORE SURPRISED THAN I AM. Trust me. Too many rules. But I did. Hmm.

Maybe I'll just end right here, before anything weirder happens.

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