Tuesday, 22nd January '08

Egg-citing News

Chew's - yes those eggy people - have announced their latest "invention". Cordyceps EGGS.

Far from injecting the eggs with cordyceps, they've found a way to make the chicken produce cordycepin in the eggs. The basic idea is to feed the chickens cordyceps, and the relevant protein passes into the eggs, and then humans get the benefit of the new and improved chicken feed.

You are what your egg-laying chicken eats, if you will.

Yay for them, but did you know what cordyceps really is? According to an Asia-One article:

Cordyceps sinensis belongs to a family of parasitic fungus which attacks a species of caterpillar in winter.

When the caterpillar is hibernating, this fungus slowly eats away at it and, by the end of winter, the process is complete, and the caterpillar now looks like a plant. A literal translation of the Chinese term for cordyceps is 'winter worm, summer plant'.

In the immortal words of Summer Roberts, "EWW?"

But once I got over that minor distraction, I began to think; getting mama chickens to manufacture added ingredients into eggs right away... hmm... there's a quite a fortune to be made in that. And here's what the egg dudes should get to work on right away:

Getting them chickens to lay dark soya sauce and pepper right in the egg.

I guarantee mass popularity. Folks, you heard it here first.

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