Wednesday, 13th February '08

I Need To Stop Finding New and Innovative Ways to Hurt Myself

Here's how to spend a fruitful New Year:

CNY Eve:
- Watch CJ7 with Dage at Marina Square. Yay, fun! smile
- On way home receive Koustav's message about NAF preview on Sunday. SUNDAY. Like, chu san! Receive at about same time Glen's agitated SMS about why-heck-is-it-on-SUNDAY. Spend rest of Reunion Dinner intermittently engaged in back-and-forth SMSing with Glen and grumbling about why-is-it-SUNDAY, we-should-boycott, and the-other-item-people-want-to-go-are-they-stupid-or-stupid?
- Collect more angpows than expected, all things considered.
- Rufus the dog still incredibly cute. He came to Reunion Dinner too, probably in a bid to avoid a similar fiasco to last year's.
- Harvard the fish attracts a lot more attention than expected.
- Marc figures out that tiny CNY oranges are really hand grenades and if you pluck off their leaves, they'll explode. Tiny little Matt successfully causes one to do so (seriously), but rather by squeezing too hard with them baby fingers.

CNY Day 1:
- Enjoy prancing around in new dress. *big smile*.
- Unfortunately, wearing full street make up for this long creates massive pimple.

CNY Day 2:
- Watch movies (Blood Diamond) with Dad while sitting on new couch.
- Mum cooks a proper meal in what must be the first time in a decade. Wow. Am suitably impressed.
- Visit Lau Ko's house, POH CAI GIVES ANGPOW FOR THE FIRST TIME! Wah. Ah Geok sings along to cheesy Taiwanese variety show songs and the Edison Chen photos are mentioned. But of course.

CNY Day 3:
- Glen messages at 3(freaking):36 am with instructions to burn CD for morning.
- Jeremy messages at 3(freaking):38 am with instructions to add another song to CD.
- I do not receive either till 7 am. Thank goodness, because I am not usually friendly or accomodating that late at night.
- "Sway" at 9 am. YAWN. Am tempted to smack Jeremy with CD, and Zaini gives blessings. Jeremy asks why I look sad, and says to cheer up, it is the new year. Oh for crying out loud.
- "Schizo" rehearsal at 11 am. Studio way too small. Kick Glen in head. OOPS. Not a good start to the year. Later succeed in getting karate chopped in head in yet another collision with poor Glen. Candy wonders if karate chop was an act of revenge. Roz gets permanently labeled a "Japanese geisha with shoulder pads". Tee hee hee.
- "Human Nature" preview. Juraimy's item typically incomprehensible, at least to Philistines such as I. Shaun's item has powerful music, and quite enjoyable, though not immediately clear. Tse Yun's item very nice and pretty, and Aiting is freaking amazing. Sigh. Eunice, Roz and me (read: the Oompa Loompas in this group) lust after her loooonnnnggg legs.
- Taufik's rehearsal. AM DEAD. Both literally and figuratively.
- Visiting at Gnet's. Forget to bring oranges. OMG. Get backed into ridiculous corner positions at in-road leading up to her house by her horrible Indian neighbours. I use Indian as a descriptor, not as a racial term. Almost end up mounting a curb. Am seriously pissed.
- Re-learn to play mahjong. After mad winning streak of 3 rounds of 3-tai wins (all zi mo, I'll have you know), end up losing $4.50. A befitting result for a mahjong idiot such as I. Bert scolds me for being such an idiot, sigh.

CNY Day 4:
- SICK. BLEUGH. Should have seen this coming.

CNY Day 5:
- STILL SICK. DOUBLE BLEUGH. Eugene enters in the morning and I say "good morning" out of habit. He takes a look at me, my files and tissues and asks, "It's not really, is it? Good, I mean." I agree it isn't good at all.

CNY Day 6:
- ON MC. Still doing work though. Such is the life.
- After 14 hrs of sleep and about 4 hours of work done, am wayyy to afraid to skip blocking run. Manage to severely bruise middle finger of right hand. Oh, for the love of Mike. I can't even middle-finger anyone properly anymore. This is just about the most new and innovative way I have hurt myself yet.

CNY Day 7:
- Work continues to pour in like manna from the heavens. I suppose I need to practice, though. But still could not help releasing a small involuntary scream when a partner's secretary entered the room bearing 6 more files to add to the ever increasing stack. Secretary actually starts laughing. I am told my some associates I have accomplished a small feat (i.e. making her laugh).
- Supposed, technically, to be my Chinese birthday. Spend it pouring over many files, around 12 3-inchers trying to construct some semblance of an AEIC, only to have massive parts of it canceled out. Yay. Haha, I will whine but it's totally necessary and I guess I'm pretty lucky with the chance to get the feedback.
- Glen calls in middle of workday with even more bright ideas. From voice on the phone, he was tickled pink. From residual AEIC-ness, I wasn't really able to comprehend the joy, though I get it now in hindsight. Ok lah, quite funny.
- "Human Nature" tech run. Spend the first run tripping over Jeremy's head. Vow to stop killing the boys in this item; I must have some sort of repressed rage. That said, the trip causes a totally uncontrolled bash of left knee onto the floor. Massive bruise on left knee is now the perfect complement to the broken-looking middle finger I sport. Rozana seems to be intent on patting me on said left knee, however, eliciting much anguished screeching. Second run goes rather well, though in terms of blocking I seem to have to lose some to gain some. Jess is there to give comments and it's very comforting to have a real professsional's opinion for once. It's good to hear we seem to have done justice to the idea of the schizophrenic without making a mockery out of the whole affair, and that she could mostly correctly identify the types of delusions we were facing. I need to be more desperate. MORE! MORE! MORE!
- Valentine's Day tomorrow, will be lonely in notion, as seem to be spending it with a bunch of schizos and probably stressing about why the lines in the heart shape are not straight. Haha.

CNY Day 8:
- Ooh, is V-Day. Genie gets weird call from receptionist and worries. Very soon finds out it's a flower delivery guy... altogether now, "AWWW".
- Spend all day drafting AEIC again. Feeling much better about it now, as it begins to take on a little conviction. With a few more corrections, is ready to withstand some client scrutiny. Hooray! smile
- Need to do some evidence related research next. Grr.
- Eunice and I have MRT conversation about our piece and decide that we're really feeling a sense of ownership of the item, and thankful for a great, mature, committed cast.
- Sunflower from darling Schizo boys, Glen and Jem, saves me from the sadness of being unloved on V-Day. Everyone again, say, "AWWWWWW".
- Dress Run for "Human Nature". Finally get to see Anthony dance in Choo's piece. Looks a bit spacey, but will probably be better by showtime. Am fascinated by how much more engaging the piece is with the full cast, and was very much in an emo-emo-feeling-feeling mood by Aiting's finishing solo. Very nice, and bit of a pity I'm too busy trying to focus for "Schizo" to fully enjoy the moment.
- "Schizo" goes as well as can be expected. Roz and Jeremy get bullied to full extent. Haha.
- Picture summary: those, by the way, are Pinsler's Evidence text and the Trade Mark Rules, which conceal a copy of draft AEIC.

CNY Day 9:
- Finally send a soft copy of AEIC in. Eunice horrified by my colour scheme. Haha. Very legally blonde, though that was something of a misunderstanding.
- Close another chapter in one of the IP research matters. Thank goodness. I feared the need to write a research note, but at least that wasn't necessary.
- As a result, managed to sit in on a criminal trial today! It is entirely unlike The Practice, unfortunately, and a couple of us dozed off at least twice. That said, being allowed into an in camera hearing is quite rare, and I'm feeling pretty damn lucky.
- OPENING NIGHT for "Human Nature". Bit cold after waiting so long to do our piece, but I think we were alright. ROZANA SQUEEZES MY KNEE AGAIN, OMG. Glen and I get the short-straw duty of representing for the talkback session, which actually wasn't as painful as I imagined! A little less arty farty mumbo jumbo, and a bit more on opinions and item history - which was quite manageable. Yours truly avoids saying anything (hahaha Glen), which may be the first thing I have done to stay out of trouble this week.
- AVE AND SITI CAME FOR SHOW!! *big cheesy grin* Siti the "famous actress", you know. *wink/privatejoke*. But food-ing transpires at the Holland V Breko, and we promise to do this again sometime when it's NOT show-related. Given us, I have little faith. What else do theatre friends meet for other than to watch each other's and other non-related shows? And, after Ave's stories of the tuition kids thinking Italy and France are the same country and that the Mongolians are an extinct civilization, have become worried for the future of the universe.
- Very sleepy, tonight. May run out of steam by Taufik's late night rehearsal, argh.

CNY Day 10:
- Wake up early, to go shaw-ping for the schizophrenics. Initial tour of Tampines Mall is a disaster. Until I hit upon brain wave to make them some customised little pill (or candy) boxes. So clever, me. Hahaha.
- Arrive early to learn Taufik steps from Candy. Candy is very good teacher, or I'm still being quite clever. Heehee. Feel significantly relieved. Glen gets bored of milling around and falls asleep IN A CUPBOARD. Literally.
- Give out presents. Presents are a hit. Go me! At this time, also notice the difference between boys and girls. The boys invariably think "what day is it?" and pop open the Saturday compartment to eat whatever is in there. The girls instead do a quick scan of the options for all days, and pick out the best looking sweets to eat first. Don't ask me why, but it's another of those Men are from Mars / Women are from Venus moments.
- Time for dinner. Zaini's not around so we are completely decadent. The seven of us sit around at the opening of the stairwell, laughing with great gusto as Eunice forces Jeremy to reenact with her scene after scene of some 19-year-old chick's attempt to seduce Eunice's boyfriend. Have so much fun that we don't realise we're still clowning around after HOUSE OPENED. OMG. Mad dash to change into costume and warm up and focus and (for Roz, anyway) apply mascara. Very boh-zheng-hu.
- Somewhere in the middle, find time to give Jeremy last minute tuition on intentions and movements.
- Jeremy is very very good at his silent solo! I give myself a pat on the back until I realize it wasn't my doing; Roz wrote "DICK" on Jeremy's hand. No wonder today got so much "feeling".
- Talkback session very happening, but have to leave early for Taufik's rehearsal.
- Taufik's rehearsal more easy-going than expected. No one kena screamed at. Certain amount of blocking completed, though the fervour with which Jess and Willy charge me down at the end is a wee bit disturbing. Still cannot remember steps for the life of me. Sandy, on the other hand, is what Candy calls "a machine".
- Supper at the usual place.

CNY Day 11
- LAST DAY OF "HUMAN NATURE". Am completely winded and barely dragged myself out of bed in time to shower and head out. Spend about 45 min upon arrival just sitting on a dresser table zoning out.
- Did a rough run, though a bit anyhow, what with everyone being so exhausted.
- Boh-zheng-hu dinner too a bit less raucous than yesterday, but still the best part of the day.
- ALL THE FRIENDSIES CAME HOME. Mel (and Daniel), Flea and even the mugger-toad Amy showed up! Rare sightings for everyone. Mel gets freaked by Shaun's ugly dead-baby visualisations, and I hold her hand to comfort her. Get scratched by that massive carbon rock on her finger. plain
- Schizo doesn't go as well as usually does, but I guess it was to be expected. Too many distractions in the audience. Daniel tries to make me laugh from his seat in the audience, but I remain blissfully unaware of this until I overhear Glen telling Zaini of this fact. Mel later asks me if I noticed, and I tell her that frankly I was already trying not to laugh at her shocked expression. Hurhur.
- Supper at Fong Seng AGAIN. We need to find some new places.

*chronicles to continue.

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dammit i hit the reset button instead of the submit button. T_T Story of my life. Haha.

Anyway *GLOMP* just thought i'd swing round and glomp ya cos i miss you guys lots =) Happy cny darling, and get well soon =)

thanks for blogging too =) I have things to read now. YAY *LOL*


*hands over another flower* happy vday!!!! =) I've got an upcoming date with a midterm *sigh* woe betide me *lol*




hola! glad ur show went well smile and u got a sunflower! so sweet big grin


yup the boys are total darlings... hahah.

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