Wednesday, 27th February '08

My Hero

There's something about a nasty work week to make you appreciate the small good things in life. It's not that work isn't interesting or the people aren't great. It's just the volume of stuff that piles up to do can reach worrying proportions. And I'm really not the type of person to decide that work is the full extent of my life, and be resigned to working 15 hour days.

So that's where dance is taking on a pivotal role right now. A rehearsal every couple of days, mashed up with the minor attendant joys like dinner with Candy and panicking before getting screamed at by Taufik, or any random nonsense clowning around that Roz or Glen or Jeremy can get up to... these times are fast becoming the foil to my working life melodrama. Times I can totally forget about the mounting pile of office actions or the boxes of discovered documents winking at me from the corner of the room just waiting to be sorted. People at work seem to think the whole dance thing adds to the stress, but without it I'd probably be a hell lot less.

Guess it's like Roz said on our late night MRT ride back to Toa Payoh last Saturday: "People say because I dance I have no life... but I was just thinking how dance IS my life." I probably don't hit that kind of extent myself, and I've never professed to be a "dancer" in the fullest sense of the word (I tend to like to think I'm more a theatre person who happens to be able to move halfway decently), but recently it IS true - all my leisure time is spent either rehearsal or hanging out before or after rehearsals with the cast. It and them... they're becoming my only other distractions other than work. And we all know how precious those distractions are.

My OTHER hero, however, is the bacon and mushroom omelette sandwich from Cedele. *oh yes, I'm plugging it right here*. Sha recommended it a while back and I thought I would have it as the all important means of sustenance of the kind you need when you are sorting documents till 10 pm at night. The important thing is, it was so good, AND tasted exactly like the bacon and egg bagel from The Great Canadian Bagel. OMG. Happy memories.

Dance and sandwich. The things that are getting me through the day. big grin

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haha i have to try this sandwich. i like their gourmet cheese onesmile

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