Monday, 17th March '08

Poor Toshi

The unofficial Taufikian cast party (+ Glen + Virgenia) at my house yesterday was insanely fun, but too bad we didn't take any pictures for memory's sake. It's pretty cool how spontaneous this cast is, and how much it has bonded over such a short time. Watching "Step Up 2 the Streets" (ok, DVDScreener version) over some odd combination of roti john, bak chor mee, ah balling, chicken wings, chocolate wafers, sugar cane and almond rocca, and hearing Ali make his roll-on-the-floor-kinda-funny sarcastic interjections is something I could totally use after the insane overwork that has been the past few weeks. In any event, I'm sure we all took it as a much-deserved break from tech class and 10-hours-every-Saturday rehearsals.

I don't think my sofa has ever seen this much abuse, though. Dad asked me if I was trying to test it to see how much weight it could hold... hurhur. For the record, it managed (at some point) to hold the combined weight of:
- Ivan, Candy, Taufik, Jess and maybe Ali (on the normal seating area)
- Virgenia, me, Rita and Glen (on the folded-down backrest area)

Yes, I'd say that sofa was worth the price of purchase. It is well-made for entertaining, as the shop lady promised.

Another part of my house that has since seen some better days is the full length mirror at the common corridor. I will regret not taking a video for posterity forever, but let's just say that that mirror is not accustomed to having Ali and Glen zazo-catwalking down the strip in front of it for the sheer sake of seeing what their reflections look like. Mum was immensely tickled when I told her what had been going on right outside her door as she slept obliviously through the commotion.

The highlight of the night, however, must have been two straight hours (and then some) of youtube watching that we just sort of fell into. As Rita, Virgenia and I sat mystified by the vast (and I do mean VAST) and extensive knowledge that Ali, Jess, Glen, Candy and Taufik can display regarding every possible dance video posted on youtube, we were treated to:
- Janet Jackson MTVs;
- Luam recordings (always a joy);
- Various sightings of Bobby (Newman), Blake (McGrath), Brian (Freeman), all referred to on a first name basis, these days wink;
- Random other videos by Ava, Ciara etc. etc.

Unfortunately, the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) stuff, was completely unrelated to dance. There's a reason why last night may go down in history as the "Tulibu Dibu Douchoo" / "C'mon Toshi!!!" event.

Allow me to introduce:

Mr "Ken Lee"

(My personal favourite, and I know Qiong will have a meltdown seeing this.)

Mr Toshi

(OMG, so bad, it's good.)

Ms Bunifa

(Very accurate spoof.)

Ms Vicki Pollard

(One of Little Britain's finest.)

"Ms" Britney Houston

(A personal soft spot, seeing as this was a gathering of all the Feedback, Feedback, OH! people. And, of course, seeing that the original might have been the worst MTV of this generation.)

Mr "Japanese Counting Man"


Messrs Fellowship of the Ring

(Quite disgusting to watch. Painful, even. Goes well with the Secret Diaries though.)

Alright. This is enough stomach wrenching / pained / shocked laughter for one day!

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hahahaa. the Mr Toshi one killed's like english lessons for hostesses or something LOL

also loved Mr Tententen hahhahahaha....i've seen that clip before i think, it's part of this series of japanese games where the people have to try not to laugh. hahahaha

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