Sunday, 6th April '08


... is apparently the answer to everything, as will become clear soon enough.

But first, sincerity demands this goes up before anything else:

It's odd... Alex Merz sent me a message some days back, challenging me to find a birthday party to beat the Zwei Und Zwanzig one in Halifax. And while I maintain that one of the most special of this life, for its utter spontaneity, its coincidence with a the biggest musical awards show in Canada being held in our town, and the fact that I was celebrating with a smorgasboard of different types of people from different countries and some of whom I'd never even met before the day, THIS 24th pseudo-party has to take the cake for being one of the strangest.

Much in the vein of the "Terrible, Terrible" Oteam Chalet entry so many years ago, where Desmond spewed a fair number of ridiculous phrases playing taboo before Jem and him got drunk beyond salvation (and much to everyone's amusement), I once again attempt to record the best soundbites of the night. Hopefully Candy's videos will surface soon, haha!

I may take some artistic liberty with the exact phraseology, but hopefully the gist of the jokes are right:

Dewi: "... Yes!"
Taufik: "..."
Dewi: "... No!"
Taufik: "..."
Dewi: "... Another word!!!!!"
Taufik: "..."
Taufik [abused Taboo teammate]: "WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING AT ME????"

-- I don't even remember what Taboo word was being played, and it really didn't matter. This is how Dewi plays ALL games. With the sort of fervour, enthusiasm and energy that a nuclear power plant would be hard-pressed to match.

Unidentified Dude on a Dare: "Err... I'm from the next table... I need to ask for two girls' names..." [trails off pathetically]
Everyone: "Uh..."
Jess: "Oh ok fine. I'm Jessica."
Candy: "PARIS"
UDoaD: "Really?"
Everyone: "Really."

-- ... and Dude walks away subdued.

-- It's hard not to be able to guess what Taboo word Glen is describing.

"Ah... ah... AHHH..."
-- Lagi more helpful descriptive terms from my eloquent friend Taufik.

"Na-nah... na-nah... na-nahh..."
-- Candy is made to play a "humdinger" using the tune from Rumi. Hurhur.

"This one is a... a... [scream of frustration]... FUCK!"
"I know! SEX!!"

-- Dewi and Taufik should never be allowed to play Taboo on the same team ever again.

"Um... the thing has..."
"No! It's a..."

-- Sometimes, sex really isn't the answer.

[clenches fists and shakes as if in some version of an epileptic fit, followed by lumbering King Kong-esque movements]
-- Taufik acts out the character of Neil Armstrong with great aplomb, but his unfortunate teammate remains clueless. The clincher is this: the famous personality on the card he had to act out was really Louis Armstrong.

"Save the..."

-- I was thinking of "rainforests", but clearly Glen has other plans.

Is it me or did we just spend most of the night laughing at Dewi and Taufik? Hahaha. Anyway, the rest of the laughs will have to wait till Candy's videos are uploaded.

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HAHAHAHA. I liked the save teh cheerleader bit LOLOL

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