Thursday, 17th April '08

THAT Message Thread

That facebook message thread I started more than a month ago is spawning many jokes. Which is nice. Minus this thread and Tokyo trip plans (largely being driven along by Erin, because I'm so lost in work right now), I'd pretty much be living in a John Grisham novel.

Anyhoo, FYI, this is Lingyi's advice to Glen on how to delete an undeletable folder on the desktop caused by some virus or other:

"anyway, follow the steps:

1, restart ur com and press F8 to get to safe mode

2, click Start, click Run, type in msconfig, Return

3, go to Startup, u see the tick after "systrsy"? remove it, then click Apply, and choose "restart com later"

4, open My Computer and type "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer" in the address bar. delete "systrsy.exe" directly.

5, Start- search- search "documents and folders"- then search "new folder.exe" in all ur disks- delete all of them

6, restart ur computer

7, remember to clean ur thumb drive or whatever stores the virus.

8, dont surf porn online."

Point 8 explains a lot. confused

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1 photograph developed.


oei oei oei!!!!!!

dat didn't mean anything!?!?!?!

jessica has tons of trojans on hers too...

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