Saturday, 26th July '08

Nobody Told Me You'd Be So Beautiful...

By popular demand. Isn't he lovely?

The Crib. Looks kinda big now, eh?

First night at home. This peaceful picture belies all the psychotic wailing done that night.

He quickly figures out the art of "Gee, I'm so cute, how about a hug / bit more food / tummy scratch?".

Dog with the gigantic umbilicus.

Pictured here a little blurrily with plaything du jour, this yellow smiley-faced ball. The ball didn't last long as he chewed it so much bits of it started to fall off. Have since traded this item in for a hardier version of vulcanised rubber (or something).

This is about 2-3 weeks later. Has grown a lot already. Figured it was time to start getting a collar on him. Even Dad thinks this makes him pretty darn handsome. Sometimes the clothes do make the dog. So, like, whatever, George Michael.

"Got dinner?"

Camera whore!

One pensive pup.

Mum doesn't really appreciate the snuggling, but does he care?

Guess not. This is how he has trapped her more than once already. No one ever has the heart to wake him up to move him.

big grin big grin big grin

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3 photographs developed.


awww. What else can I say? smile


*seconds the motion*

altogether now,




he's really adorable.. and seems to be growing quite fast!!!

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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