Sunday, 17th August '08

GoMusic and Such

In the everlasting search for cheaper ways to get some ear candy, I've been wondering about how to verify authenticity of too good-to-be-true pay-per-download sites. It's not as if the iTunes shop is the easiest thing in the world to navigate, but at least it's safe. Or in the words of one suspicious netizen wondering about and

"If I give the Russians my Visa number will some guy who looks and sounds like Borat max it out on bottles of Vodka?"

I was concerned about the same thing, but I was never quite that articulate. smile



Oh those were the days of running around watching the Bravo Italia guys doing Borat impersonations. It'll be great to meet them in Brisbane / Sydney soon.

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6 photographs developed.


seriously, you already have more music then you'll ever listen to. it's an addiction you have.


*koff* i guess i'm perhaps the one person who can fight with you when it comes to anal-ness for music and organizing music *LOL*

definitely not touch the .ru sites. Even if you pay them there's no royalties sent back to the artistes themselves. allows you to listen to tracks without buying or downloading, an alternative when you just want to listen to a song once etc.

And well, when all else fails, email me =) *huggle*


btw, re. limz' comment -

It's necessary!!! It's not about having more music than you'll ever listen to! It's about owning enough music that you know you can satisfy every craving, obscure occasion, or subtle emotion in your life. ^^V

And plus, like all collectors, it's all about having 10 different versions of the same song, complete albums, and random cool indie bands to impress others who browse The Music Collection. big grin

egads. I think i'm a lost case. blush


qiong.spoken like a true addict.

i rest my case.


i think qiong has it down.


oopsie, looks like i got carried away =)

hi limz! *waves*

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