Monday, 27th October '08


Because I'm feeling very MOOD. And because these are brilliant. But of course they are.

"Calling You"

Inspired choreography by Mia Michaels... Nigel will point out all the beauty in that for you, saving me the effort. I would add a personal love of the way he's chreographed to "miss" her in so many ways, including the utter inability to receive the sunflower.

Oh, and then there's Travis, well... he's just.. Travis, Travis, Travis. He's such a darling. *heart*

(That's what I intended to post anyhow, you can take the Libertango as a very worthy bonus.)

First time I saw this I couldn't stop thinking about it. So many MOMENTS. Tyce Diorio is a genius, and a huge lesson in working with what you have.

And to snap out of being so Moody, this is a wonderful smooth number. Just very cool.

"Sexy Love"

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we missed u at dage's place today. let's meet up next weekend!


okay, calling you is GORGEOUS!!!!!! i loved the creative use of a park bench, and all those unspeakable emotions that were so loud in their actions! One of the best i've seen in awhile. Why was very pretty too, I liked the parts where they came close together during the choruses. Very hot.

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