Monday, 23rd February '09


I learnt a new word today playing Hangman on the iPhone.

One meaning of "unctuous" is "revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, and false earnestness or spirituality; full of unction".

The first thing that came to my mind was a room of church-goers.

I'm a terrible Christian, really. This goes along with the fact that I cannot reconcile the notion of Heaven with my ideas of happiness - I mean, if you're supposed to be happy in Heaven, doesn't that mean that I must be able to sin all I want in Heaven? How can one truly be happy if one isn't allowed to do everything you ever wanted, and man, do I want to sin. Don't you? Sloth and gluttony come to mind. How often we see that ironic notion of a dude on a beach, eating too many snacks and drinking too much beer, doing nothing but idling his time away and muttering to himself, "This is Heaven!".

One more. If you're in Heaven, do you get to go visit your non-believer friends in Hell? I mean, if your best friends aren't there in Heaven with you, what kind of happy place is that? A related notion would be: how do you be happy if you're tormented by the idea of your sinner friends burning in Hellfire?

That, and I have a tendency to think that Dante's First Circle of Hell doesn't sound so bad in you look at it from a non-believer's perspective. If you didn't believe in Christ or God in the first place, you can't really want to be with them (do I need to capitalized the "T") and consequently, being separated from them can't be upsetting in the least. Logically it has to be better then Heaven, really, cos you can hang out with like-minded neighbours and don't have to deal with pesky goodie-two-shoes types all day. And it's not like you're being punished either. It seems to just be like... hanging out on Earth, really.

I don't think this is blasphemous (or I hope anyways), but it could be the result of my very sinusy stuffed-up head today. *Cough* *Sniff* *Wheeze*

Every time I go to a Church or a Bible Study / Cell Group thing, they don't seem to answer these important questions.

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