Friday, 27th March '09

E(mo)vo 2009, What I Have Thus Far

Maybe a longer entry on this when I finally have the energy. Right now playing catch-up with work and the conference paper is taking too much out of me. Evo this year was special though, not least because it was my virgin choreography, but also because so much happened in such a short time and I think we all really bonded over it. It was great fun for the most part, tauhuay suppers and all that jazz, but when it came to crunch time, I couldn't have had the fortune to do this with a better bunch.

I can't wait for the official video to come out, particularly because I have a nagging need to see what Xiao's piece looks like all done up nicely with the lights. I never get to watch it, being in Glen's right after it, but I do know the choreography and the concept is really impressive.

In the meantime, you'll have to make do with what I have right now:

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
(My baby.)

After Me
(Glen's. Possibly the item in my Ensemble history for which I have ever taken the greatest ownership of, and had the most trauma in. Hahaha.)

Let Me Fall
(Zaini's. It's been quite a number of years watching Zaini's work, but this one really grabs me. I think it's that whole autumn leaves imagery thing and the bendy trees in the wind. And that leaf blower scene at the end. Heh. Doesn't hurt that the music is incredibly captivating.)

And there you go. I'm off to bed.

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