Wednesday, 10th June '09

Jimmy Crack Corn

A.k.a. Part II of the "Prevention of Myocardial Infarction" Series.

Tom Lehrer and his rant against folk songs (in particular the "Jimmy Crack Corn" ditty) have inspired me to think about this line. Which I had the occasion to use the very next day upon becoming the recipient of a fabulously annoying whinge. But I am proud to say that for once I had some self control. That is to say that I actually didn't tell it (the creature) exactly what I thought of its whinge.

But the line must still be recorded, if for no other reason that my indefatigable OCD-ness:

"Oh. You don't like it? Well TOO BAD. I care as much about your feelings as I care that Jimmy Crack Corn."

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