Thursday, 25th June '09

En Ying *hearts* Adam

I know I'm a bit late on this, but yay for timeshifting, I am finally finding some time to catch up on what everyone knew months ago.

I thought I had given up altogether on the American Idol franchise. Everyone since Clay Aiken (with the sole exception of Chris Daughtry) bored the crap out of me.

Along comes Adam. Who knocks my socks off. Who has the most insanely beautiful rock god voice. Whose face (and skills for staring hypnotically into the camera) is so picture perfect I can't help but smile stupidly at the TV. Whose eyes are beautiful enough to melt a heart of stone. Whose on-stage swagger is so naturally sexy, and better still, backed up by genuine personality. Whose command of the audience is so electrifying, so exciting, he makes me want to jump out of my chair even at the end of a hard work day and do... gosh, I don't even know what. But he's inspiring. And so intelligent, articulate and downright sincere in every interview.

I'm still a little bit stunned that someone that good exists in a pop music world that's all gone a little plastic of late. I don't remember anyone else exists once he sings.

Too bad he likes boys, eh. I'm not a fag hag by any means, but as you see he has me eating right out of his hand.

He's got a pile of awesome performances unrivaled, I believe, by anything ever done on the Idol stage. Unrivaled by many many things done on any stage, in fact. But for all of them, I can't even get the "Satisfaction" song our of my head. I love the Rolling Stones, but I'm going to think of this as an Adam Lambert song for the rest of my life.

I told Qiong I had a music itch I couldn't scratch for a good few weeks now. Well, damn. Adam did.

I tend to speak in hyperbole a lot, especially when I think about music, movies and theatre. So perhaps a little relativity may put this in the full perspective I want it to: Adam has a serious chance of knocking even John Mayer of my top musician spot. And John's sat there very comfortably for the past six-over years.

That's how much I'm feeling Adam right now.

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are you serious. he might knock John Mayer off?!!!!!!!! wow. okay. haha.

i actually liked the other guy better... *runs away before she gets bricked*



i think the other guy is likable lah. but my gawwwwdddd, adam.



haha. maybe i've seen too many glamrocker types. Adam seems run of the mill to me... *dodges again*

=) *runs away*


hahaha... i had the same reaction to kris and the guitar thing. bit of the "um... everyone's done that before..."

glamrocker i've seen enough. and usually i get bored by them or find them quite extra. i think what i like is the "own version" stuff he does... just about every song he did i already loved the original. and the "if i can't have you" was quite a stroke of genius.

did you not like the costume with kiss though... i saw the ridiculous looking wing structures and thought of your scary jap rock pictures.

hurhur. oh well. it appears we do not unite in universal love this round (unlike clay aiken days).

for some reason, i am suddenly nostalgic for bubu and the insane amount of laughing that tzo and i did at the dream theatre version of "somewhere over the rainbow".


wow i knew u would dig him ..but u are that in love with him? geez. pity his gay huh?

i prefer kris.


yay limz =) kris rules LOL

actually i dont' really care for either. That clay aiken season was still the best ever =) i guess i got too jaded with the whole AI franchise. So yeah, mostly me.

I did not like him with KISS. For some reason he looks rather fabricated as a glam rocker. But again, probably just me here =)

i prefer my scary jap rock pictures ^^V

and yes i miss bubu. And yes dream theater's somewhere over the rainbow!!! was it me that made you gals listen to it??? hahahaha


I'm a bit lost. I seem to have blanked this version of somewhere over the rainbow out of my mind? (Perhaps I laughed too hard at it?)


haha yeah well i dont think i can stomach a whole album of adam. but i'll go to his concert.

so kris still does it for me smile

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