Tuesday, 7th July '09

Thoughts En Route to Bratislava (Long Live the Blackberry)

Listening to Luis Fonsi's "Quien Le Va Decir" on a train somewhere between Prague and Bratislava surrounded by exhausted sleeping dancers and on our next leg of the trip carries a vague sense of calm and euphoria at the same time. Vivi, Glen, Aiting and I are closest to the inter-cabin doors (I have insufficient vocabulary to describe this any other way as I am operating on about a combined 4.5 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. But more on that next time) and the draft that blows through has us huddled in jackets. Something of an irony given that we've been existing in a perpetually sweaty state for the past six days.

So now a brief recap of what's gone down over this period. We've just been pushing it full speed ahead since landing, fueled by a dubious mix of rabid Festival tour guides, touristy longings and Lonely Planets, our inate Singporean urge to buy something (anything!) just because we gotta shop, performance adrenaline and the cheapest molten gold any of us have ever had. Names like "Budvar", "Pilsner Urquell" and the most recent happy discovery, "Gambrinus", roll off the tongue with ease - albeit more easily off the tongues of some rather than others! In the past six days we've done three stage shows, a bunch of masterclasses, hobnobbed with all manner of interesting dancer people, and turned the streets of Prague into our own "feeling feeling" photostudio. In other words it's been heaps of fun.

For the record, we took the prize for Best Choreography and Zaini received a special award from the Director of the Festival for being the person who impressed him the most and being of "good character". Pity that our crowning moment came in the form of being called "NOOSE" Dance Ensemble, hurhur. Indancity deservingly took the title for Best Contemporary Performance, and for all our rivalry, I'm just happy that Singapore was well represented. Indancity also got the second prize for Choreography. All in all, it was a good night for the Asian contingent, with a team from Hong Kong taking home the overall Best Group award and a group of awesome Japanese contemporary soloists making a clean sweep of prizes for outstanding artistic performances. Gee, they really were brilliant.

No time to blog about architecture and historical Prague trivia now, and using a BB for this really is a pain. Till I write again. Now for a nap before we hit Slovakia.

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