Tuesday, 13th October '09

2009 Skate Scene Updates

Because I need to consolidate some knowledge before the big Os next year.

Stephane Lambiel

So of course I'll start with mon petite prince, fresh and glowing from the Nebelhorn win. I'm ecstatic to say the least! How my heart ached when the news of his competitive retirement broke last October 2008, but now he's returned - I'm guessing not in top form just yet, from the unceremonious *splat* at the short programme - and what a way to stage a comeback! Comparing the total scoresheet to the top contenders from the World's, the likes of Brian Joubert, Evan Lysacek and Patrick Chan are not out of reach.

But you don't care about the punter's breakdown. You want the good stuff, and youtube's got it all.

Short Programme, "William Tell Overture"
The spill on the quad toe makes me sad, but gorgeous costume, clever musical choice (if slightly tacky), and brilliant lines and footwork. Exhilarating at the end.

Long Programme, "Otoņo Porteņo"
Tango Project! Heh. I love this, but I can't get over how Zaini some parts of this are! Two versions for your viewing pleasure. The Nebelhorn version is technically far more sound, of course (can someone say quad toe-double toe-double toe?!?), but the Festa on Ice version has better camerawork and, well, a real costume. I can't say I like the "Two-Face" effect, but well. It's Stephane, he's beautiful in anything.

Exhibition, "Ne Me Quitte Pas"
I still think anything he does is will be downright lovely. Even if set to excruciatingly old sounding music. He HAS to be a genius for the interpretation of this music. And, love the lighting work at the end.

Exhibition, "Tainted Love"
Technically this is a programme from last season, but I do like it. Finally something fun! Uber cool bigband jazz. I've replaced the Festa on Ice recording with one from Kings on Ice in Milano. Stephane can seriously do ANYTHING.

Johnny Weir

No need to gasp so loud lah! I know I don't usually like anything this guy does - all manner of rude synonyms for "effeminate" come to mind. HOWEVER, I have to give credit to this awesomely COMMITTED performance of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". I mean seriously, can the boy VOGUE!

Exhibition, "Poker Face"

Patrick Chan

New discovery. If this SP is anything to go by then he has quite the future. Doesn't in any way show the same artistic maturity that Stephane or even Tim Goebel had when they were his age, I think, but Patrick Chan has very nice deep plies and edges and seems more... powerful overall. I dunno, I haven't quite seen enough of him to judge, but I do like what I've seen thus far!

Short Programme, "Tango de los Exiliados"

Kim Yu Na

I don't dig female skaters usually, but these world record breaking performances... whoo! And with Brian Orser behind? Whoo whoo!

Short Programme, "Danse Macabre"

Long Programme, "Scheherazade"

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