Thursday, 7th January '10

JM Store Delivereyyyyyyyy!!!!

I believe the word Qiong would have used is "SQUEEE!!"


Ok, here is the haul. Dirt cheap too!

The last time I ordered from the JM Store I got a black iPod case and a big poster of an old-school style John circa 2003. This time I didn't get any posters, but got many more other goodies. Listed as follows, prices in USD (at a dramatically lower exchange rate than the first time I shopped from the JM Store!):

1. JM John Mayer iPod Case Pink, $29.99 $10.00

In five years of iPod ownage, I have never used a case other than a JM/Incase one. I'm not plugging, just stating a fact that I have never found anything better. The black one lasted 2005 - 2010. I bought that at something like US$40. Now, on to a far less respectable, and far less pricey, PINK!

2. JM John Mayer 2008 Summer Tour Program, $18.00 $2.00

DIDJA SEE THAT??? TWO DOLLARS for this impeccably printed beauty. Twenty-eight pages of glossy-matt printed JM concert photos. In gorgeous high quality print, and well shot candid concert photographs. The best part, a careful selection of photos to avoid Mayer's legendary guitar-face*. Seriously folks, he has the kind of guitar-face that prompts one to wonder what the heck face he makes when getting it on.

*See definition of "guitar-face" at Urban Dictionary. Note also numerous references to John Mayer as principal offender. A Google Image search for the same term will yield hilarious results, also with a propensity to feature the poor guy.

3. PR JM John Mayer Battle Studies 2010 Calendar, $18.00

Ok, I could have been a little happier with the quality of this. And I'm mildly annoyed that somewhere in the course of shipping the corner got rather roughed up. A few too many stilted "posed" shots of him looking emo hugging a guitar, and the red/black/white colour scheme was taken too far, but there are also a good number of arty Battle Studios studio shots. And given the unique features of this studio (it was entirely set up in one huge bungalow and they experimented with recording in different areas of the house - like under the staircase, I believe, was suggested - to get unique acoustics), such documentation is a nice touch.

4. JM Where the Light Is Foil Print T Asphalt, $35.00 $10.00

You need to see this up close. As a T-shirt fan, the foil print is to die for. As a JM fan, I love being able to walk on the street with the iconic quote from "Gravity" emblazoned on my person. Unfortunately, cheap sale and all that, I only managed to get a piece that's big enough for me to wear as a dress.

5. JM Generic T-shirt White, $10.00 $5.00

Heehee. This one is just fun.

6. JM John Mayer Trio 3-Suits T-shirt Black, $25.00 $10.00

I've wanted this since 2006. Price finally made it worth my while.

JM John Mayer Cheap Deal Happiness, PRICELESS.

And that's the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it.

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3 photographs developed.


man you really went to town with this sale yeah? smilei'd like to see u wear that dress some day.


man you really went to town with this sale yeah? smilei'd like to see u wear that dress some day.


the dirt cheap part is what bothers me. WHY SO CHEAP FOR SO MANY FANGOODS?!!!! T_T not fair...T_T i spend so much more to reach squee level T_T hahahaha.

but that is seriously a good haul. i like the shirts =)

and hey, can you set up an RSS feed for your blog??? will be so much easier to keep up with your posts through my feed reader... smile

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