Saturday, 16th October '10

Bloggin' on the iPhone?

I realise that in the past almost a year or so that I've had a data plan, I've never tried blogging with the iPhone. Must speak to the fact that I haven't tried blogging in a while. On any device. Hmm. It's a little strange - I keep getting these ideas and just don't have the energy anymore to see it through. GAH. shocked

Today I'm waiting at CGH for them to replace Ah Ma's CVP line. Between reading Neil Lambert's blog, playing Chuzzle and doing this, there ain't all that much to do. Ah Ma looks good today though. She turned to look at me when she heard my name. That was nice - to see recognition - it's been a while. I hope it actually means what we'd like to think it means.

It feels odd to be writing again just for me. Not affidavits or submissions or email advices. Feels kinda rusty.

Well at least I'm writing again, n'est pas?

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