Sunday, 17th October '10


I realize I've been a bit angsty lately. Between that and the amount of time that I spend waiting around CGH of late (don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly happy to do this, and I do feel quite strongly that I have a grand-daughterly duty to do), and a recent discovery that i can actually use my IPhone quite effectively with Greymatter, I have rediscovered my blogging (read: exhibitionist) tendencies.

Today's incident of interest went a little something like this.

Woman at Changi General Hospital registration counter (hereinafter refered to as "Woman"): IC Number?

Mum: Singapore-XXXXXXX-Germany.

Woman: J?

Wah liao. You spell it as Jermany isit? confused

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1 photograph developed.


hellO! just popping by and keep those exhibitionist tendencies up big grin

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