Wednesday, 24th November '10

This Justin Bieber Situation

... which, by the way, I'm thankful is not a huge deal here.

Still. Something about those four AMAs a couple of nights ago made me wonder what the fuss was all about. To the best of my knowledge I had never heard a single one of his songs.

Actually, having acquired that apparently groundbreaking album otherwise known as "My World 2.0" (and, wow, talk about creativity in naming stuff - even "My World, Too" would have been better), I realise I've heard a couple.

I just never knew I had, because I had either:

(i) written the song off as yet another something by some wannabe Beyonce / Rihanna black chick with next to no grasp of English (song: "Baby", sample lyrics: "And I was like baby baby baby oh, like baby baby baby no, like baby baby baby oh"). Sometimes Rihanna may sound like a little whiny squeak toy your fat uncle sat on, but you gotta say her music has rhythm / a good beat, respectable lyrics and she does have style; or

(ii) bellowed "WTFISTHISDRIBBLEAREYOUTRYINGTOMAKEMYEARDRUMSBLEED?" at the unsuspecting radio DJ who was probably just trying to do his job (sample lyrics: "Shawty is an eenie meenie miney mo lover! [repeat till listener forms urge to put face through window pane, in the hope of cutting ears off and not having to listen to any more aforementioned dribble]")

Granted the kid does look like a sweet, unassuming, grateful boy. He is, I suppose, cute in the small skinny child way, and will soon become iconic for that forward-swept hairy thing on his head. But that doesn't make him any more entitled to win four AMAs than my Jack Russell Terrier, Nitro. Who, I might add, also is a sweet, unassuming, grateful boy, who is cute in that small skinny child way and has an iconic forward-swept hairy thing going on. On his whole body too (not just his head).

And the vocal range Nitro demonstrates when howling at the karang guni man he likes so much? Justin doesn't even show that much on "My World 2.0".

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Hahaha that nitro comparison cracked me up. I cannot stand that kid with a passion. Mostly cos in us, he gets a ridiculous amount of screen time. Sheesh.

Did u see Muse collect their award? Cracked me up when they said, "i'd like to thank, um, Charles Darwin. Cheers mate." Rofl

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