Friday, 3rd December '10

HA. I Called It!

I am feeling righteously pleased with myself this year, about my boys' Grammy nominations (full list here).

As everyone knows, I championed John Mayer's "Battle Studies" from the outset. I believe my words about a hundred Facebook statuses ago were about it being an unbelievably, rich, meaty album. There was so much content in it, even if it was, essentially, a whiny guy's ramblings. Such good whiny rambling. I had "Half of My Heart" on endless loop, and seriously contemplated choreography to "Crossroads".

I now present to you, the John Mayer / Battle Studies' nominations:
- "Half of My Heart", John Mayer --> Best Male Pop Vocal
- "Battle Studies", John Mayer -->Best Pop Vocal Album
- "Crossroads", John Mayer --> Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance (although I like this for the guitar, and I suppose that's more Clapton than Mayer)
- "Battle Studies", Michael H. Brauer, Joe Ferla, Chad Franscoviak & Manny Marroquin, engineers --> Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical

So that was the old favourite. Now for the new guy. Hate to say I told you so.

The Adam Lambert nomination:
- "Whataya Want from Me", Adam Lambert --> Best Male Pop Vocal

Yes. I found out via TWITTER. As all true members of the extended Glamily do. wink

Now, whilst I instantly jumped on the Adamgasm Bandwagon, I did find a Grammy nomination slightly surprising. I always thought one was in the pipeline somewhere but I did have doubts after the way the AMAs went (Justin Bieber four awards, anyone?), and well, I wondered if it would be too early in the career. And somehow the nomination feels a little misplaced in the Best Male Pop Vocal category. No doubt he's the most powerful vocal amongst the guys nominated, but somehow I never find "Whataya Want from Me" to be the song to show that off. It seems redundant to nominate him in any "best vocal" category (it's like preaching to the choir, really), but what I would really have liked is a "Best New Artist" nomination - again, what is Justin Bieber doing there? Well, one can't really be picky about these things.

Aside from this, also intensely happy about Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" album doing well. I thought it was a fantastic piece of work and so much more enjoyable than that whole "I Kissed a Girl" drivel. Ok maybe Album of the Year is a bit much. Yay to Eminem and Gaga too. Gaga because it is deserving, Eminem I barely follow enough of to know any more other than I like the guy and I'm still in historical respect of his job on the Slim Shady LP.

Ultimately, getting my favs picked up for Grammy nominations always makes me stoked just because its and industry insider given award. Which from time to time almost deludes me into thinking that because my favourites get nominated, I have similar taste to industry insiders, which maybe means that one day I will be one. Not a hope that would inspire me to quit my day job, though.

My only problem now is the same one I faced two years ago when Jason Mraz and John Mayer were nominated in the same category. WHOM THE HECK DO I ROOT FOR???

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