Wednesday, 29th December '10

The Suona Rant

Forgive me for being intolerant and culturally insensitive and all that but this is just RIDICULOUS. The day I decide to run for MP or something this will come back to haunt me.

The suona is the most annoying instrument on the face of this planet.

I've said it back in 2002 about the Chinese Orchestra people who blew with such gusto over that lousy hunk of poor-excuse-for-a-musical-instrument piece of crap, and I will say it again about the idiots who are making that infernal racket at my void deck.

I f*cking hate the suona.

Get a soundproof room, or play it in Sungei Buloh where I can't hear you and the birds will peck you to death out of sheer irritation. Or I will march myself and my splitting headache downstairs to my void deck, where you are making that tuneless, inconsiderate racket, and HIT YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH IT. I don't at this moment care who the f*ck died.

That's right. It's a funeral going on downstairs. But SO WHAT? I know you're sad, and believe me I feel terrible for even being angry at you because I'm sure this is some way of you marking your respect or making sure the dead person is going to go to a good place in the afterlife or something.

But do you have to be so LOUD about it? And if you are going to be loud, can it at least be something pleasant to the ears? I've had people come to stop me and friends from sitting at the void deck chitchatting and laughing because they said we were disturbing the neighbours.

Well, you're disturbing the neighbours too.

We have sick people in this building. My head is this close to bursting from your ear-popping blasting on that ridiculous instrument. My Dad barely gets to sleep because he spends all night in hospital caring for my dying grandmother. I happen to know we have a neighbour on the 2nd floor, mere METRES from your uncaring noise, who is in pain, all day and all night from cancer. Can you really live with making her suffering worse?

So your relative is dead, I get it. Mourn, please. But do it somewhere else. The crematorium has places for this. Or if you want to do it here, please do it quietly.

Before you kill the rest of us too.

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